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***Official SmackDown Thread - 27th April 2004***


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(1) Moridiguy pinned Spike Dudley. I know that's not the right spelling on Moridiguy but anyways he is definitely an Undertaker follower. He has blonde hair, goatee, wears all white with a Undertaker cross on his shirt. I didn't see any of the match because I was late getting to my seat.




John Cena enters the ring with an Oklahoma State University Sanders jersey. He talks about kicking Velocity off in a new way at a new time. Then he runs up to the second highest section of the arena to give a fan his jersey. He gave it to her because of her sign which said "I left my other sign for the other show."


(1) John Cena pinned Akio in a non title match. This match was pretty much all Cena with a Five Knuckle Shuffle and a FU for the win.


(2) John Bradshaw Layfield destroyed Funaki. JBL got one of the loudest boo's of the night. It was a pretty boring match to watch. In the end it looked like Funaki may have been bleeding from the head as someone helped him out of the ring.


(3) Rey Mysterio pinned Jamie Noble. The crowd was pretty into Mysterio with "619" chants. Mysterio hits the 619 for the win.


"Beautiful Day" by U2 plays as the new WWE Desire video is played. I'm not sure if this will make it to TV.


Velocity promo is up next talking about the new start time is Saturday at 6/7 Central.


A lengthy Diva promo appears featuring all the ladies. One word: Whoa!


"Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner!" JR strolls midway down the ramp for a big Oklahoman welcome. He gets the crowd ready for the rest of the night. He talks about how he will always be sooner born, and sooner bred, until sooner dead. He introduces a few of the Oklahoma Sooner's football team. He leaves by telling us to "Raise some hell!"


Teddy Long comes out a tells Oklahoma City it's showtime.


(4) Mark Jindrak defeats Shannon Moore. This was a short match with Jindrak doing some pretty interesting moves.




Kurt Angle is wheeled out by a well built man (later named Luther I believe). "You Suck" chants erupt. Angle's wheelchair has the red, white, and blue on it. Anyway, he takes 4 minutes to get down from the ramp, and slowly make his way into the ring. Where Luther wheels him in a lap inside the ring. Angle takes a long time to speak. He tries to cry, but does a bad job. He says he wanted everyone to know over the past weeks he's seen numerous doctors, some of the very best around the world. All of them say the same thing, "he will never wrestle again." (crowd boos, awws, and cheers) Angle again tries to cry a river, but his tank is empty. His knee is injured beyond repair and his internal injuries are irreversible. He says his passion, and his life is over. He then goes on to say there's no way he wouldn't show up in Oklahoma City. (crowd pop) Because he said he suspected something for a long time he needed to confirm. We, the people, are to blame for this. He goes on how we chant you suck when he is wheeled to the ring in a wheel chair. He says this is what is wrong with America today: we're a pack of animals living in a sick environment. Next he talks about how he has been ridiculed even after putting his career on hold to run Smackdown and that now he can never can go back. Angle blames the fans as well as the Big Show. More "You Suck" chants erupt. Kurt Angle says and then there's Torrie Wilson. He demands she comes out. Her music hits and Angle screams for it to stop and that there be no fan fare. Torrie comes to the ring shaken, and nervous. She stands in the corner and then Angle demands his henchman Luther to bring her to him. He says to Torrie it must be nice to be perfect, but your not you're pathetic. He says because of his injuries he can't even have sex now. (crowd laughs) Finally, Angle says she will get what she deserves when she faces Rene Dupree in a No Disqualification match, NEXT! Angle concludes by saying he wants her to suffer like him and he says he will have the last laugh.


(1) Rene Dupree is in a no contest with Torrie Wilson. Dupree comes down to the ring and wears his robe most of the match. He is very cocky until John Cena comes in, now wearing a #88 Jackson Sooner Jersey (I guess JR must of told him Oklahoma City is only 20 minutes from Norman: OU's campus.), Cena beats Dupree out of the ring. Cena checks on Torrie as Dupree gets back into the ring to beat up on John. They pound each other on the back until Rene gets out of the ring and goes to the back.


Rene Dupree is in Kurt Angle's office and tells Angle that Torrie and Cena our off somewhere laughing at he and Kurt. Kurt is angry and announces United States Heavyweight Championship Rene Dupree Versus John Cena at Judgement Day. Angle then says "I'd never thought I'd say this but I'd be proud to have a Frenchman United States Champion."


(2) Chavo Guerrero beats Nunzio in a non title match (I think it was non title). As Nunzio waits for Chavo Undertaker's gong hits, and the ring lights dim, and mist fills the ring and then nothing. I went to the restroom on this one. Anyways Chavo says "where is the competition." He issued a challenge for next week on Smackdown for any cruiserweight in the world that he's never faced to fight him.


(I was at break still but overhead pieces) Rob Van Damn comes to the ring and wants to face the Dudleys. Paul Heyman comes out and explain RVD was basically at the wrong place at the wrong time. Then Heyman says you ask and you shall receive, the Dudleys come to the ring and beat up RVD but Eddie Guerrero comes down to make the save for RVD.


Josh interviews Booker T back stage. He tells Booker about how tonight's occurrence was similar to last week. And he asks Booker what he thought of the Undertaker. Booker T started to rattle off things, basically he egotistically challenged the Undertaker.


A Mordiguy (sorry for the misspelling) promo appears. Demonic, dark, and scary as all "creatures of the night" promos should be. He says he is our Lord of Suffering. He says we are Blasphemous Harlots. Then promo concludes with "Day of Judgement Cometh."


Paul Heyman walks out of G.M. Kurt Angle's office to tell the Dudley Boys he has got Bubba a match against Eddie tonight. RVD is banned from ringside but D Von and Heyman, he calls himself tonight's special V.I.P., are allowed at ringside.


(3) Booker T pinned Billy Gunn. A somewhat long match with a lot of wear down holds. Even some boring chants sporadically came from the crowd. Booker won with a Scissor kick.


Booker T is still in the ring as the Undertaker's gong sounds, music hits, smoke rises, lights darkened. And after a minute a fat Paul Bearer with golden urn in hand walked out. With the Dead Man shortly behind. (Longest and biggest pop of the crowd. It was so long and loud I had a ringing in my ear for a good 10 minutes.) Undertaker methodically walked to the ring and did his usual thing. He took his jacket off and then took his fedora off. Booker says I just had a grueling match. These people ain't gonna see it. He then says you need to get the hell out of here. Wait make that I'll get the hell out of here. He walks by Bearer, suddenly Booker T grabs the urn and clocks Undertaker in the head. Booker looks over Undertaker as he lays in a pool of mist. Then the Undertaker

arose. Booker ran off scared.


(By the way someone was selling Smackdown programs and it still has Brock Lesnar on the cover.)


Next up they show a live shot outside showing the Ford Center, the crowd cheered.


G.M. Kurt Angle is being wheeled around the backstage by Luther. Josh anxiously runs up to Angle to ask him if he saw. He said "Kurt, Kurt!" Angle responds that no one calls him Kurt anymore and now it's Mr. Angle. Josh apologized. Mr. Angle says he saw what happened. He said Booker showed he is fearless. Then he said he traded Triple H for Booker T because he thought he would be the best man on Smackdown. Mr. Angle sets up Booker T Versus the Undertaker at Judgement Day. Mr. Angle says both he and Undertaker are alike because they both haven't wrestled since WrestleMania. He says the only difference is Undertaker can wrestle and he can't. Mr. Angle says Undertaker won't take a paid vacation because he will be wrestling next week on Smackdown.


Raw Rebound is shown.


Backstage Rico and Miss Jackie are in their dressing room. Rico says "What do you mean you're not coming out." Haas (off camera) says he's not coming out like this. Rico says, "But Charles, I REALLY need you!" Rico says you can always come out naked. He and Miss Jackie laughs. Haas says it isn't funny. Rico says Miss Jackie specially made his pants just for him. Haas says fine, he will meet them in the ring. Miss Jackie throws his old tights in the trash and then she and Rico walk out.


(9) Rico (w/ Miss Jackie) &Charlie Haas defeat The Basham Brothers to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. Yep, you guessed it! Haas was wearing rainbow pants with Macho Man like strings on it. Rico did his usual gay routine. He mounted and spanked a Basham. He even pushed Haas on top of a Basham to mount him. The end was when Rico kissed a Basham and Haas snuck up from behind for a German Suplex pin. The crowd chanted Charlie and I THINK even a Rico chant. The crowd, myself included, laughed during the match.


Another Velocity time change plug to 6/7 Central on Saturday.


A replay of Rene Dupree going for a scope slam on Torrie with Cena interfering is shown.


A promo for Judgement Day shows US title match Rene Dupree Versus John Cena, then Undertaker Versus Booker T, and finally John Bradshaw Layfield Versus Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship.


Lady liberty is proudly shows as someone talks about how immigrants see her as the first when they enter America. The camera pans out to show good ole JBL. He says his ancestors legally saw the Statue of Liberty, unlike Eddie Guerrero's ancestors who came in the middle of the night illegally. He says behind her is New York City. Where he went from dirt poor to millionaire, and a famous person on Wallstreet. JBL rattles on how farmers, who were once the backbone of America, have now become lazy hiring illegal immigrants to work the land. These are the stupid people who support the Eddie Guerrero's of this world. Next JBL says southern schools teach SPANISH! Yes, Spanish! Then, this is great, he says support me, John Layfield Bradshaw in my attempt to take our America back. Support me in my bid to win the WWE Championship.


Mr. GM Angle's music hits. "You Suck" chants again. Luther wheels Angle to ringside for commentary. Eddie Guerrero comes out in a 70s or 80s red Caprice (I believe). The crowd goes nuts, close to the madness Undertaker got. Eddie pumps the car up and down, and gets into the ring. The Dudleys come out.


(4) Eddie Guerrero pinned Bubba Ray Dudley. Paul Heyman comes to ringside shortly after the start of this match. This was a 15-20 minute match. It went back and forth with a lot of wear down maneuvers by Bubba. Both men did ruthless types of moves such as Bubba put Eddie in a Tree of Woe and then did chops to his mid section. The ending was Eddie went to the top rope but Bubba Ray got up to knock him down on the turnbuckle. Next Bubba put Eddie on his shoulders as D Von climbed to the top turnbuckle to set up a Legion of Doom's Doomsday Device. However, Eddie ducked as D Von went for the clothesline and Victory Rolled Bubba for the 1,2,3! The crowd went nuts, but then both Dudleys beat up Eddie. Until RVD came down and cleaned house for a good 2 minutes with all sorts of moves to the Dudleys. As RVD and Guerrero celebrate Tazz puts the mic to Angle, but the arena couldn't hear what he was saying. RVD insists Eddie does a frog splash to Bubba, but Eddie insists RVD do a 5 Star frog splash to D Von. Both men climb opposite corners and do their respective moves to the Dudley Boys. What was amazing was they both went for the Dudley furthest away, meaning RVD took D-Von who was closer to Eddie and Eddie took Bubba who was closer to RVD. Simply amazing! As RVD and Eddie leave the ring they stare down Angle and a few words were said. RVD and Eddie get back into the ring for more celebration. Eddie holds the ropes open for RVD to leave the ring for a second time. They both hop into the car and drive off. What was funny was I could see Rob Van Damn actually put his SEAT BELT ON! That was classic. The announcer thanks us for coming, end of show.


Biggest Pops:

1. Undertaker

2. John Cena

3. Eddie Guerrero (tie)

3. Kurt Angle (tie)

4. Rey Mysterio

5. Rico's antics


Most Heat:

1. John Layfield Bradshaw (entrance for match)

2. Kurt Angle (after blaming the people)

3. Rene Dupree (while beating up Torrie)

-Rest hard to tell


Do I feel like I got my money worth for the show? Yes, but only because the Undertaker actually appeared. The show didn't have very good wrestling,. Actually, it was decent wrestling at best. The promos were decent to good as well. Just not a whole lot of captivating and interesting things going on for Smackdown.

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For some reason and I don't know why, But I seem to be really getting into Rene Dupree right now and this looks like another good show for him again.


As funny as the Haas/Rico situation seems to be, I can't help but feel Haas should doing much more important things right now, I think with a little work he could really fill the void being left by Angle being out injured as he does seem to have enough charisma to work the main event scene on Smackdown IMHO.


But then you see one of the Dudley Boyz main eventing again and you think what is the point.

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I thought this was a pretty decent SD, to be honest. I think the best thing about SD is that it is more unpredictable compared to Raw.


A little disappointed that Jindrak only gets a squash match vs Shannon Moore (this WILL NOT be added to my signature, btw), but I still have very high hopes for him.


Booker vs Taker was a good segment. I think Cena vs Dupree will be a great match at Judgement Day, I'm really looking forward to it.


Angle is coming across as Dr No, what with his silver suit, massive henchman, bald-head and wheelchair. Actually, he makes a great Dr Evil.


Torrie looked sensational again, too bad she seems to be attending the same acting classes as Eugene Dinsmore.



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