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ok well i have a take on music that if i like it i listen to it no matter what the genre despite me commonly being described as a greb but more recently a rocker/skater dude


anyways heres my favs


AT THE MOMENT-The Rasmus-In the shadows

Of the past few years- Saliva-Superstar



Elvis Presley-Suspicious Minds

Simon and Garfunkel-The boxer


Strange pics some might think considering im just 18 but how can u not lover the boxer or elvis cmon

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yeh doggystyle is the best debut album even though this is of the chronic. compered to snoop' date=' 50 cent is crap. shady/aftermath signed 9 bullets and a fued not a star. what dyall think of the avatar?[/quote']


Snoop nowadays is crap compared to Snoop ten years ago...


And with that I'm off to run about in fields and drink mead and smoke green and fight people for four days... :xyx

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Fave at the moment: Im currently listening to 'Never Mind The Bollocks' by The Sex Pistols and its fantastic.


Fave Ever: Rancid : Ruby Soho, Roots Radicals, Time Bomb, As Wicked, Olympia WA, Red Hot Moon - Anything by Rancid really.

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