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New tape Sale, 30 tapes for sale

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MASTER TAPES (£5 each)


ECW Anarchy Rulz 99

ECW Cyberslam 96

ECW Crossing The Line Again 97

ECW Hostile City Showdown 96

FWA Seasons Beatings

WWF In Your house 7 (no case)

SuperStar USA Wrestling Featuring Bob orton, Ricky Steamboat and LOD



OTHER TAPES (£4 each, 3 for £10)


CZW Night Of Infamy

CZW Cage Of Death 5

CZW Ultraviolent Freedom Of Expression

CZW Cage Of Death 3 (2 tapes)


NWA TNA 3 & 4

NWA TNA 25 & 26

NWA TNA 41 & 42

NWA TNA 57 & 58

NWA TNA 59 & 60


WWE Raw + 10Th Aniversary Raw Show (off sky)

Homicide Shoot Interview

WWE The Internet Collection Volume 1

On The Road With The SAT

Indymania 10

Best Of WWE Heat/Velocity Volume 1

Curryman Spicier Than Ever

Ultimo Dragon Comp

WCW Spring Stampede 99

Rey Mysterio VS Rey Mysterio JR Fued Tape

Trish Stratus 100% Stratusfaction DVD Conversion

ECW Heatwave 98

ECW Path Of Destruction With USA ONLY DVD EXTRAS

ECW Barley Legal 97

ECW Best Of Cactus Jack DVD Conversion

IWA King Of The Deathmatch 2003 (2 Tapes)



POOR VQ Tapes (All 3 For £7)


History Of The Jr title

WCW Crusier Weights BEST OF

ROH Crowning A Champion

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