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Best wrestlemania match


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Hmmm agh its too hard to decide....


I'd probably have to go for one of Bret V Austin (WM13/14?), Austin V Rock (WM15)or one of Hogans, possibly Hogan V Andre (WM3)...agh i cant think. Owen v Bret is definitely a contender anyway.


Damnit too hard. Actually Jake Roberts V Rick Rude at WM 4 wasnt bad :)

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WM-3: Savage v Steamboat

Andre v Hogan


WM-6: Woryah v Hogan


WM-10: Bret v Owen

Razor v HBK


WM-15: Rock v Austin


WM-17: Shane v Vince

Austin v Rock

HHH v Taker


Too many good matches to name. But out of these, i'd pick Woryah v Hogan for the simple fact that it was so electrifying.

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Guest lil_spikey
I havent been watching wrestling for that long, and there aint a chance in hell I'd buy every wrestlemania box set from the past. So from the four I've seen, austin vs rock at 17, Bossman vs Undertaker 15, (ok, not the best hell in a cell, but worth watching) TLC this year, or Taker vs Kane.
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My favourite Wrestlemania match was Stone Cold versus The Rock at the last Wrestlemania. It wasn't exactly a technical masterpiece but it didnt need to be. An extremely emotional match is just as good as a technical masterpiece in my view. It was a match full of emotion and the build up to it was magnificent.
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Guest Alliance Mark

Savage vs Steamboat was amazing.


The best match the Woryah ever had was when he fought Savage (Savage carried him:D ). The bit afterwards where Sherri turned on Macho was classic too, with Miss Elizabeth coming to the rescue. When was the last time the WWF had their fans crying their eyes out?

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Guest Perfection

I have only seen the past 2 Wresltemanias so you will probably not agree with my opinions. Anyways.......


Benoit VS Angle. Wrestlemania 17.

Great from start to finish. Got a great ovation from the crowd. Very unusal of the WWF fans to actually appriciate(sp?) good 'Wrestling'


Benoit VS Angle VS Jericho. Wrestlemania 16.

Just tremendous action, showcasing all 3 mens talents.


Hardcore Battle Royal. (Not even gonna try and list the Competitors) Wrestlemania 16.

This was great, about 20 guys hitting each other with weapons for 15 minutes, top quality stuff :xyx The camera men had a bit of a job keeping up but still great. Also the first hardcore match i'd seen.


Tripe Threat Hardcore Match: Raven VS Kane VS The Big Show: Wrestlemania 17. Awesome Match. Not a boring bit in this match. Kane and Big Show putting each other through walls was truly amazing and did a great job of showing how much they wanted to win the match. Raven took a helluva beating with some nasty bumps. I don't usually like Big Men but for this you gotta give them credit.



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Guest Perfection
Originally posted by BRM

My dad don't watch wrestling but that triple threat hardcore had him glued to the tv


It's a pity that not all aspects of Wrestling can do the same . :roll

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Guest Shining Wiz

Steamboat v Savage - III

Hogan v Warrior - VI

Savage v Warrior - VII

Bret v Owen - X

Benoit v Angle - XVII


and the two battle royals from II and IV

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Guest Michaels

Shawn Michaels Vs Razor Ramon - Ladder Match (WM10)


Ultimate Warrior Vs Hulk Hogan (Title Vs Title at WM6)


Bret Hart Vs Shawn Michaels - Iron Man Match (WWF title at WM12)

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Obviously there have been many, many great exceptional matches at WrestleMania throughout the years.


These are, in my view, among the best...


Michaels- Ramon (WM10)

Hogan-Warrior (WM6)

B.Hart- Piper (WM8)

Bret-Owen Hart (WM10)

Austin-Rock (WM17)

TLC2 (WM17)


But the best of the bunch has to be....


Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin (WM13)


A classic in every sense of the word, unbelievably good.

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