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Who yours 10?

Danny Devine

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:? Who do you think are the top ten workers in the UK? :?


many thanks :)



heres mine=


1- Majik

2- Robbie Brookside

3- Alex Shane

4- Jodie Fleisch

5- Rob Hunter

6- James Tighe

7- Spud

8- Sal Americana

9- Celt Kennedy

10-Maddog Maxx

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Bear in mind I've only watched FCW, FWA, and UK workers in TNA, so I'm not really the most knowledgeable person to ask here - but alas...


1) Jack Storm

2) Majik

3) Cameron Knite

4) Celt Kennedy

5) Dragon Phoenix

6) Laken Xander

7) Spud

8) Scott Parker

9) James Mason

10) Kevin O'Neil

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Ive seen the following companies live and so my list will consist of wrestlers who are in or have competed for these promotions: WAR, FCW, TAP, BRAWL, EAW, AWW, UWL, MPW, RBW.


1. Jonny Storm

2. Falcon

3. Dragon Pheonix

4. Spud

5. Jonny Pesci

6. Rob Hunter

7. Ross Jordan

8. Jack Storm

9. Cameron Knight

10. The Judge

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It's been a while since you have seen Mad Dogg Sstevens, everyone learns and improves over time.


There must be something there, seeing as he earns his living from wrestling, Mad Dogg's strength is his ability to work up a crowd and really get them behind him.


He was booked at an HCW event and a Jack Taylor promotion event in Leicester over this month so even reputable companies think he is good enough.



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OK?? Kstar do probably 1/2 shows every 3 months, HCW have done 1/2 this year. Thats 2 promotions??? Hmm, he must charge a hell of a lot to make a living out of wrestling. And lets be honest, HCW and Kstar have about as much "reputation" as each other (I dont mean that in a good way).


He doesnt work for AllStar who are the only company in Britain that can pay wrestlers enough to make a living but that is only if they work 6 nights a week.


MTX Jem Brown of BRAWL receives regular work nearly every Sat/Sun however cannot make a living out of just weekend shows. He may have improved granted, but on the evidence you have produced, I sincerely doubt it.





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1. Doug Williams

2. Jonny Storm

3. James Mason

4. Robbie Brookside

5. Jack Storm

6. Falcon

7. Dragon Phoenix

8. Celt Kennedy

9. Keith Myatt

10. James Tighe


Not in any particular order except the No.1 spot, Doug is awesome!



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OK?? Kstar do probably 1/2 shows every 3 months' date=' HCW have done 1/2 this year. Thats 2 promotions??? [/quote']


Not really gonna get into an argument with you about it, but HCW USA have just finished their UK tour, from February up till last week.


Anyway, back to the top 10s....

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No problems' date=' but be honest with me, Maddog cannot wrestle full time if he works for 2 promotions which run minimal shows can he??[/quote']


Those are the shows I know about, I know he does wrestle full time and also I have been told (independently) that he also works with schools helping with preventing backyard stuff, but that is heresay and I can't prove it.


He also was on that 24hour quizz program as well and whilst on it he plugged British wrestling as a whole when he had the chance.


You may not like him, but he IS a worker and he deserves some credit for what he does.

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In no particular order at all:


Jody Fleisch

Jonny Storm

Paul Travell

Doug Williams

GBH (worked a few shows with me as ref and found him a nice genuine guy and knows his trade, old school)


James Tighe

Mark Sloan (full marks for innovation)

Aviv Mayaan (haven't seen much but was impressed from the little i've seen)


and Finally "The Pigman" Andy Hogg,simply for doing the funniest thing i've ever seen in wrestling. I used to train with him back a few years ago up in sheffield and one of the shows he was on i was helping to film and during a rumble he managed to get a young trainee on the floor, grabbed him by the back of the trousers, lifted him clean off the floor wih one hand and shouted out to the crowd "Has anyone lost a small boy", i guess you had to be there but it had me in stitches!

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