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I bet in real life, Kane is...


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I remember Inno getting a superb Wrestle Guru question a while ago that went something like the following...


"My dad works for a company that provide WWE with their trucks. Every now and then he gets to meet the wrestlers. He says the nicest wrestler is Kane, who is a very nice person who often goes to hospitals to read for the children in care. My question is, how can Kane read when Paul Bearer kept him away from the rest of the world?"

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knits little bobble hats.

Likes ginger beer.

Watches pretty women, and other girly flicks.

Shaves his bikini line.

Likes Dr Phil, and thinks he's quite interesting.

His fave tv show is Richard and judy. (He quite fancies Judy.)

But above all else he is a 100% nutter!!!!! Long live Kane.

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