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Vince McMahon - Father & Son

Cactus Jack

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Below is slightly related:


Vince McMahon's mother, Ms. Vicky Askew, has an aricle featured in yesterday's Tribune-Democrat.


Askew called in a favor to Vince, asking for wrestling merchandise that could be auctioned off to raise money for playground equipment, seasonal banners and repairs to downtown business facades in Ebensburg, PA, where Askew lives. Jackets, T-shirts, hats, gym bags, belts and a promise of items for kids featuring "The Rock," a wrestling superstar, are among the items.


"As for Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr., 59, his flamboyant wrestling promoter personality is just for show."


"The real Vince, his mom says, is a very different, private person."


"Vince is very generous. He always gives to Make a Wish and other groups. He is a very helping person, in his own quiet way," Mrs. Askew said during an interview downtown, where she was delivering the donated items.


"When people hear that I'm Vince's mom, they say, 'No, no, you're kidding. I don't believe it.' I don't tell people that, but others do," Mrs. Askew said. "Yes, Vince is a showman, and he's made wrestling a big form of entertainment. He's taken it to a new level, but his grandfather is probably turning over in his grave."


People have always gone about Jr. screwing Snr over the company, and many times Shane and Steph have said on TV about him giving their Grandad and early grave. What exactly is the story, as I don't know what is fact and what is storylined.


Thanks in advance :xyx

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