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All great wrestling characters from the past or very recent past have qualities about them that won't die when the wrestler retires. However, it seems that with some of their new stars, the WWE writers aren't basing them on old favourites, but recreating the old favourites, espeically from the Federation years/very very early attitude years.


Garrison Cade = Ric Flair. Same hair (EXACTLY same hair) and red trunks. Showing some decent promise in the ring, too.


Mark Jindrak = Lex Luger "The Narcissist". Mirror in the ring, great body, quite bad face, same entrance music, and a manager who announces his entrance.


Rene Dupree = Ric Martel "The Model". Young, good looking, foreign accent, and dances in the ring.


Randy Orton = not sure about this one. Someone very arrogant, for some reason "Ravishing" Rick Rude springs to mind.


John "Bradshaw" Layfield = Ted DiBiase "Million Dollar Man", lots of money, and loves to wave it in people's faces. Don't be surprised to see him stick money in people's mouths when he wins matches.


Don't be surprised, when WWE introduces new charachters, that they remind you, almost completely, of previous characters. Tyson Tomko, Mordecai and so on...


Has the WWE run out of ideas, or are we subliminally getting the nostalgia trips we secretly crave?



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god its strange how bradshaw was a rowdy texan and hs change so much in less than a month. i am a big orton mark and like boyo i am a lmark fo jindak i liked him in wcw with o haire aswell i can see these to headlining WM24 or somethin like that. i dont see cade as ric flair and can see tomko as a a lesnar character. mordecai as the new taker. i would want a new ultimate warrior or even goldberg gimmick to hot things up in the wwe.
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Guest Kid_Kash_2004



From What I Have Read, Moredecai And The Undertaker Could Cross Paths At Some Point,


Mordecai's Persona Is More Or Less The Opposite Of The Undertaker, (Mordecai Being Like An Angel)


Mordecai Could Possibly At Some Point Be A Thorn In Takers Side.

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