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Presumed Characteristics

Cactus Jack

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I came up with this thread after Pab's thread on which member he would like to have a drink with.


Since joining TWO, which members have shown characteristics at TWO which you presume them to adopt in real-life? Perhaps if that member has been at TWO for a while it will be easier to presume.



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Pabster - Even if inside he feels down, I think he tries to think the off the positives in every situation.


Ed - No matter what the subject, he goes with what he believes with.


MLM - Probably loves in-depth convo's, and would be great to be involved in.


Draven - Is not afraid to spit the truth

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I think most people comes across as their real selves on here, obviously some have a bit more confidence talking to others over the net rather than face to face. I think definately every regular are themselves, because if you're here a damn long time, more of your personality and interests come out and obviously you get to know them better. The real you comes out more and more after every post.


People always say to me they have never seen me really angry at all, I guess I can hold it in and put a smile on and carry on with things. :)

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For some reason I can envisage Jack Bibby hanging around outside grocery shops, with a little bumfluffy moustache.


Mr R Wolverine - a chatty girl who looks hard. Is good at Javeline, Shot Put, Discuss.


Nicole - hard, again with the Shot Put


Darkstar - balding (don't know why)


Remlap - shaven headed, looks older than he actually is. Oh, wait a minute.



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I think alot of people on forums try to be someone they wish they were. Not all, the majority are themselves but then you get some that try to hard to be popular or sarcastic or whatever. I've met a fair amount of people from forums now and most are similar to have I percieve them to be. Then you get some that are alot quieter than you'd expect, but thats probably shyness to. Thankfully I've been lucky with who i've met and everyone whether quieter or not have been decent people. :)
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well from ive been in chat longer than on here so these are from what ive found on the chat site


Walshyboy- funny and definatley not a nazi. I imagine hed be cool.

chris619316- good man, called markyboy by someone.Still from what Ive heard hes a giant. 6'4 I believe lol

Russ- Hilarious, I pressume hes like that a lot.

Colin- Does great rem pics. I pressumer hes too old too meet people now at the age of 102.

Chris2k-Knows his stuff. I imagine he could get angry quickly.

Grapps- Mate me welcome when I first came in chat. I imagine hes quite like chris2k.


And last and definatley least...


remlap- i dont like him. Not many people in chat do. As one of the great Cols paint pics once said


"rem fails at being mature" shown by his insulting people then going off crying to the mods when we comeback.

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Im a prick online and an even bigger one offline. Haha.


Nah, its hard to say what people would be like, unless you observed them in their natural habitat.


Now to conduct this experiement, I'll need one or two voulenteer's.

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