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Skid Row

PeteR Richards

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This band is beyond ****ing amazing! They got two killer guitar players, who when doubling on a solo live sounds too good to be true, a really heavy rhythm section and in my eyes the best singer in history! Sebastian Bach can scream and shout as loud and for as long as you want, and it sounds amazing. As for their image you can tell they're the rockstars when they're mixing with the fans, which is an important thing to me. Listen to Youth Gone Wild, Monkey Business, Slave To The Grind, Get The **** Out, I Remember You, 18 and Life, Piece Of Me, Here I Am, Makin' A Mess, Rattlesnake Shake... actually anything off of the first two albums is a rock n roll masterpiece, just listen!


If anyone else likes this band I'll be quite pleased!

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