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TWO Weakest Link - Favourite Gimmick Match Round 9

Cactus Jack

Vote Off Your Least Favourite Gimmick  

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    • Hell In A Cell
    • Cage

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Well, I'd rather hear the announcement of a Hell In A Cell match rather than a cage match, it was a hard choice for me, I can remember o many great cage matches from the last 5 years I've been watching wrestling,

Here are my favourites or the most memorable

Rikishi Vs Val Venis fully loaded 2000

X-Pac V Jericho 2000

Hardy Boyz V Edge and Christian 2000 (was it unforgiven)

Triple H V Austin no way out 2001

and my very favourite...

Angle V Benoit Raw, summer 2001


but I voted cage matches to go, if they're done right like

HBK v Undertaker

Foley V Undertaker

Brock V Undertaker

(doing well Taker, lol)

Cactus Jack V HHH no way out 2000

and the 6-Man Armegeddon Hell In A Cell match from 2000...also with Taker, hehehe


Ones I didnt enjoy so much were,

HHH V Kevin Nash

HHH V Jericho, disagree but it didnt think it was brilliant

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