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FlamingStar Press, Video clip


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Fresh from the Northrn Social club Ashington.

The UK's best high-flyer,the IWF's

PAC.......performing one of his greatest moves.


Flaming star




right click 'save as'




am i right in thinking that this move is a first in th UK,

if not pls tell me who has done it and when





Full show results coming soon................

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Would you look 100% if you were about to do a front flip down to a splash? especially as he is facing away from the opponent.


I think congratulations goes to the performer, I'm not sure i have seen it before either, not where they are facing away from the opponent, usually people do a backflip from there.


Could be called a reverse moonsault though *winks*



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that guy is the IWF's


Ive seen PAC wrestle, thats a very very impressive finisher but that doesnt make him a great wrestler.


Watch everything else the guy does and you might just change your opinion on how great he is.


An impressive move like that doesnt make you a great wrestler.


BRAWL 4-Life

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