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wwe: Best Rivalrys


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I think the three i see to be the best in WWE are all fairly "recent".


Austin-McMahon : Everyone hates their boss at one time or another, and this feud played on that. It also helped that Vince & Austin had so much chemistry working together, i dont think the story would have played out so well if someone else would have been in Austins spot.


Austin-Rock : Well, this is another example of how well two guys can work together. Their rivalry has lasted for years and has been very entertaining over the time. When the time has come each wrestler has raised the bar and performed to the highest standard in and out of the ring. Each of their Mania matches are classics, with great moves and near-falls galore. Also the build up to each one has been top calibre due to the mic skills and sheer energy of each guy, definitely an excellent feud for the modern age.


HHH-Mick Foley : Some great emotion-filled matches between these two have created an amazing long lasting feud. Triple H always raised his game and did his best in his matches with Foley (who did the same). The fued lasted a while with both men's characters advancing and improving thanks to it. Mick Foley was the Hardcore Legend everyone loved, HHH was the power-hungry heel everyone hated, and this helped keep people glued to the matches hoping that Mick would pound Hunter into the ground. It was emotional for all involved and was defintely a feud to remember.

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Rock and HHH had a good from which more or less ended in 2000

Undertaker/ Kane they feuded most years like their match at Summerslam 2000, Then at Mania, and all the years before that.

Angle/Benoit put on some classic wrestling matches.

Rock/Austin of course is my favourite

Jericho and Benoit also have quite a rivalry

Al Snow/Boss Man?...no that was a joke

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I know it's an oldie but the most intense and scary rivalry was back in 1988/1989:


Hulk Hogan vs Zeus.


Zeus was an unstoppable wrecking machineand was involved in a fantastic SummerSlam 1989 main event: Hogan & Brutus Barber vs Macho Man & Zeus.


They even saw fit to make a fulll length Hollywood film out of it! "No Holdds Barred" in case it escapes you. They didn't make a film out of HHH vs Mankind or any other of the recent feuds, did they?



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Bret/HBK - Put on some classic matches and of course the feud was ended without a true winner.


Austin/Vince - Doesn't need an explination really.


Benoit/Angle - the modern equivalent of the great HBK/Bret rivalry. They have had some of the greatest matches of the last few years, not to mention some great backstage moments.

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zeus and hogan??? that bombed big time - in every way conceivable






rock/triple h

foley/triple h







those pop to mind

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Austin/McMahon - Perhaps not the greatest feud from a wrestling standpoint but it's something that most wrestling will never forget. The feud that really defined the entire attitude era and provided some excellent television.


Flair/Savage - From back in 92, This was great stuff I enjoyed every minute of it. The match at WM8 was one of the greatest title matches of it's time IMO, Throw Mr Perfect into the mix also and you had a great heel combination between Perfect/Flair. Plus the set up for Savage to lose the title to Flair after Summerslam was done really well, Resulting in another classic Flair/Savage match at a TV show I think.


HBK/Bret - I still to this day believe their match at WM12 was made by the awesome hype and build up that the WWF placed on it, It's one of the few wrestlemanias where the Main Event really was the only thing on the show anyone cared about. The Iron Man match between these two is still yet to be topped in my view also.


Others -





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Bret Hart/Owen Hart - WWF 94

HHH/Cactus Jack - WWF 99 to 00

Hart Foundation/Austin, LOD, Shamrock and Goldust - WWF 97

Tajiri/Super Crazy - ECW 99

Dreamer/Raven - ECW - 95 to 97

Terry Funk/Flair - NWA 88

Flair/Steamboat - NWA 88

Jericho/Malenko - WCW - 98

Hulk Hogan/Male Pattern Baldness - 1970s to Present Day

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In the WWE;


Austin vs. McMahon

Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage

Mick Foley vs. Triple H

Kane vs. Undertaker


Others include Flair/Steamboat , Flair/Harley Race from ealy 80's, (Although I have only seen a few matches from this rivalries, i really enjoyed it)


Another rivalry that I have enjoyed over the years has to be Sting vs. Ric Flair, from the ealry 90's through to the end of the decade, although not all constantly, when they were in an angle it was always good to watch.

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