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Ted Turner: Returner


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:thumbsup The following is from http://www.pwinsider.com:


According to sources within the industry, Ted Turner is apparently considering a return to the wrestling business. As the story goes, when AOL merged with Time Warner, Ted Turner was losing power within the company and had to sign several documents relinquishing power. One of the documents that Turner signed was an agreement that he could not compete against AOL Time Warner in the wrestling business until March of 2005.


As we all know, Brad Siegel and Jamie Kellner virtually killed WCW in March 2001 by canceling its programs on TBS and TNT which lead to the sell of the company to Vince McMahon who gutted it.


There is another deal between AOL Time Warner and WWE that prevents competition with WWE between the two parties until March of 2006. Now of course to make this new idea work they will need a television deal. TNT has changed its image; however, TBS would be wide open for a wrestling program. To make things even better, Jamie Kellner is no longer in charge, who was the backbone in eliminating wrestling off of the network.


Strong rumors are filling the air that Ted Turner is already laying the ground work out for the new promotion by sending out feelers to recently departed WWE talents, Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg. This is a familiar setting, as it is the same thing Turner did with Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and others with WCW.


We will be covering this story very extensively. Stay tuned for the latest details.





I think this would be a great thing, if WWE gets some competition they might try and produce some good matches. :thumbsup

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