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AWA/World Class Wrestling tape help

Guest bconti

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Guest bconti

I use to see AWA/World Class in the aftenoons on ESPN. There were a few matches I was wondering if any knew the date or tape #. They went like this:


1) Super Ninja + another tag partner(forgot his name) wrestled another tag team. One guy on that tag team was trying to tag his partner, but he was so dazed that he tagged Super Ninja instead.


2) (this might be in the one above too)

During one match, like every single wrestler from the back room came running into the ring, an all out brawl. It got really rough and out of hand, (probably one of the best shmazes ever). Finally after it was all over, one of the commentators said "It's over thank God. What a nightmare!"


3) Kevin Von Eric in a singles match. He's opponent and manager entered the ring first. Suddenly Von Eric sprints to the ring, dropkicks his opponent, and pins him all in 5 seconds.


If anyone knows the dates or the tape #s of the matches, that would be a big help for me. Thanks :)

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