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most over rated move!


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90% of finishing moves used by WWE main eventers are over rated by marks. If I see one more "Favourite Move" post with answers like "stunner, rok botom, pedigree" I might just vomit in rage.


Really, if you think seeing a Stone Cold Stunner for the 783324th time is so interesting, you're probably the kind of person who doesn't find club/dance music repetitive. You're also probably someone I'd like to slap.

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u talkin bout me


No Mr De Niro, I'm not talking about you, you're far too unimportant for me to aim anything at you. Kam's left smudges on his monitor that are more significant to TWO than all of your posts put together.


If anyone's unhappy what I said, then there is something you can do about it. Discover alternatives to WWE. Austin, The Rock and HHH are not the be all and end all of wrestling. Turn on the wrestling channel or head over to SiMania.co.uk and buy some tapes of promotions not owned by a McMahon. You'll increase your enjoyment (and knowledge) of wrestling and you'll be spending just a bit more money than what you paid for Backlash for about 12 hours of fantastic wrestling.


Or alternatively you could say "suht up rus usux" and save twenty quid.

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I agree that at least the stunner is a good move, it's just got boring because you know Austin is going to do it on everyone in sight.


The People's Elbow is sometimes funny, and isn't seen much, so that's ok.


One move that really annoys me is the one RVD does where he catches an opponent's leg, and does the step-over spin kick. That might have been good in ECW, but most guys now have longer legs or are taller than RVD, meaning he has to let go of their leg during the step-over, and the spin kick ends up looking lame or missing altogether, leaving them to sell like idiots.



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I remember jeff hardy doing a leg drop of a ladder... bruised his cocyx (sp) doing it, but it looked pretty damn impressive.


In modern day wrestling, the leg drop has been moved to basic moves, was impressive when it first came out, not now.


However, there is only a finite amount of possibilities before wrestlers begin regularly getting injured seriously or even killed.


I'd rather see a sucky finisher, or an old one than a wrestler being carted off on a stretcher anyday!



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