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What do you want in SmackDown 6


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I would love realistic backstage exchanges. For example:


If Benoit is champ, have Shawn Michaels go up to Vince backstage and say: "Listen Vince, I know you made Benoit champ, but lets face it, I'm more over than he'll EVER be and I'm a better wrestler. I think you should do whats right for business and put the belt on me".


You know, make it just like real life . . . . .

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The things they BETTER add are:


1. Edit Current Superstars Attire etc.

2. Add on Music like on Raw 2 if not Actually make wrestlers have there real music (kane, rvd, dudley boyz etc)


Hofefully they add:


3. buried alive match

4. commetentary

5. annoucers

6. unlimited caw spots

7. the enitre wwe roster (not just half it)

8. create a titantron like in raw 2

9. defend titles in exhibition

10. make sure bubba ray dudley never wins my world heayweight title again!!!!

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Guest Dude30
In Smackdown 6 they should have more than one entrance for one person because i mean it makes it so unreal when they do the same exact thing every entrance. Also the people should actually talk instead of them just moving their lips and having the words below.
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I'd like more attires for wrestlers, shawn michaels wears alot more that red and brown.

Create a move would be cool.

Create a entrance

uploadable songs(i want AJ Styles' music)

and i remember one time in Smackdown 1 or 2, my wrestler appeared onthe titantron talking trash, you should be able to do that whenever someone is callin you out.

and a allaies and enimies thing like in Nascar Thunder 2004 where your actions decide who you team up with and who you beef with.

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More Legends And Managers.


I'd like to see JR, King, Coach, Paul Bearer, Theodore Long etc, Escorting people down to the ring and being playable.


I'd like to see Yokozuna as a legend because you cant make someone that fat in CAW

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i dont know if its real or not but i found this on a site


What is the title of this game?

We have no set title as of right now, but it will probably be Smackdown! 2005.

(since then none to be Smackdown! vs Raw)

What new features are in SD6?

There is many new features but the one we are working on right now is Buried Alive.


who will be added to the game?

No line up is confirmed but the chances are we will be getting all of the current active roster.


Are Legends planned for this game as they were in SmackDown! HCTP?

Yes, We have a few legends in the making. Expect legends such as Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, and possibly Ultimate Warrior.


Can we fight in the crowd?

As of right now, no.


Will the blood stain the mat?

We are working on the blood system now.


Advanced Storylines?

Storylines will be greatly improved.


Will Batista be in this game?

Yes, Of course.


Can we edit wrestlers attires?

We are working on it.


In CAW mode, when we go to make someone, can we use a wrestlers tights? (example have Batista's tights in there)

Most wrestlers.


For CAW mod willl the PS2 Eye Toy work so we can take a pic of ourself and scan it onto the face model? I believe they did that in Tony Hawk THUG.

As of right now, No.


In season mode, will we have to unlock anyone? Special Charachters such as JR, King, Coach etc. I personally think thats one flaw of HCTP, the season mode became boring.

Yes there will be a few unlockables.


Can we play Online? if so, what types of matches?

Online play will most likely be in this years game. Matches are unknown.


Will you be able to defend titles in Exhibition?

We are working on it


Will you be able to do any crazy non realistic things such as climb the smackdown fist Example-Smackdown 4.

There will be a few fun non-realistic things to pull off.


will all wrestlers have different attires?

Not all, but most will.


will it have any classic wrestlers entrances, such as coming out of the crowd, or coming up from fire like Gengrel.

There will be classic entrances, but not those.


Will we see an oldschool WWF/E Arena?

We are going to have about 3 old school arenas.


What divas will be in?

Victoria, Trish, Gail Kim, Molly, Just to name a few.


Will Shane Mcmahon be in the game?

As of right now, yes, but might be removed.



We are working on making it alot better!



Yes, there will be a wide variety of weapons.



He is not in the beginning stages yet.



We will try to get most themes, but do to copyright laws, I cannot promise anything.



We are planning to put him in.



End of 2004, Around November



Yes, but we had alot of complaints last year by parents. Weird, huh?


Will this game include the Wrestlemania XX stage?

We are going to include this yes.


If it is real then that is gonna be one good game

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No, it wasn't your bad, it was nobody's bad. The bad belongs to no one. If you visted the Gamefaqs.com WWE Smackdown! Vs Raw message boards, you'd know, but you don't so it's not your bad. Let me reiterate, the bad belongs to no one.


Anyway, THQ and Yukes are predictable enough to guess what'll be in. A few midcarders will be left out, a few new match types will be added, season mode will be changed a wee bit and despite having a very limited shelf life, the game will sell like hot cakes.

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