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Rap, Rock or neither?  

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  1. 1. Rap, Rock or neither?

    • Rap
    • Rock
    • Neither

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Guest lil_spikey
And rockers dont talk a load of crap? All their bloody songs is a load of banging and you cant hear the lyrics. When you can its a load of crap from slipknot "i dont give a ****, yeah man, people = ****, yeah, that means im a pile of ****, yeah!"
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Guest Michaels
Originally posted by Latino Reheat

One thing that annoys me most about rap is that they'll say anything just to make a rhyme. Sometimes they will speak utter rubbish just to fit into the song.


That's just Eminem style! The rappers I like just don't come up with a load of crap just so they can fit it into a song.;)

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While I am a big fan of both, Rock would definately have to go.


Whoever said that 'rhyming to fit into songs', in some cases that is true, but if so, only to maintain to rhythm of the song. Anyway, all music has crap lyricists somewhere.


I personally feel I listen to only the top quality rap/hip-hop. That being Jay Z, Ja Rule, Jadakiss, DMX and Mobb Depp.


Yeah, sure, there is some crap Rap out there, Bubba Sparx being a prime example. Generally though, I prefer Rap. As well as preferring the style of the music, I hate the Rock culture of fans and musicians- y'know, the people who think they are devoted by slitting their wrists while listening to Slipknot etc, etc.

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Guest V-I-N-C-E-N-T

Rap-or-Rock ???


Definately rock for me because if rock went then Linkin Park Goes So ----------- Rock It Is For ME!!!




Vote Rock :xyx ( trust me ) :xyx

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