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***Official SmackDown Thread - 21st April 2004***


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Credit: WrestlingObserver.com


Booker T Over RVD

The show started, with no pyro for some reason. RVD comes out, again no pyro. Booker comes to the ring, and RVD stops him with a baseball slide out of the ring. The bell rings while they are outside. They get into the ring. The bell rings again. Good back and forth action. RVD hits rolling thunder, and a few other of his spots. I really like the chemistry these two have. Suddenly the pyro to start smackdown goes off. Scares the crap outta everyone. Well, everyone except booker, being that he takes the opportunity to roll RVD up for the win.


Paul E’s music hits, and lo and behold, look who the new GM is. Well, for a night anyway, because Kurt is in the hospital with a broken leg, so Vince told Paul he was the only one he could trust with the Brand for tonight. He starts to go off on a tirade on how awesome smackdown is, and how he is responsible for it. he then starts to go off on RVD about how he used to be somebody in ECW and now is nothing. Cue the Dudley’s, who came out to stand with Rob. Buh Buh says that anything Paul E says can as far as he is concerned be said to them too. Heyman goes off about how they used to be monsters, but now have been tamed. He taunts them for a while longer, till Buh Buh can take it no more and clocks…….RVD!!!! yup, heel turn for the Dudley’s. They beat the bejesus outta RVD for a while, and they look to Paul for approval. Good segment.


Charlie Haas and mystery partner over Scottie and Rikishi for the Belts!

Yup, that’s right, new tag champs. They promo on the titantron that Charlie will have a mystery partner tonight…whoever will it be….hmmmmm….well, he comes out to the ring and then suddenly, Ricos music hits! Yup, Rico and Charlie Haas are the new odd couple tag team of the WWE. And let me tell you from where I sit, its gold. Soooo funny! The match was total comedy, with some fun spots. Everything from rico giving haas a good luck pat on the bum to consoling Scottie 2 hottie about his low blow. It was so fun, and rico is pulling this character off. The icing on the cake was the big kisch setting Haas up for the stink face, rico calling for him to stop, so he can switch in. Jackie hands Rico some chap stick, and says go for it. the facial expressions were great on everyone’s part at that. fun match. I believe Charlie ended up getting the pin. The story was that Charlie is attracted to Jackie, and that is why he is interested in the team. Very fun match to watch, and if you are a Rico fan you are going to be happy (Well, that they are using him anyway)


Bradshaw Over EL Gran (the Champion of Mexico)

Maybe Dave can help us with this one, cause I have no idea who this guy is. (I was hoping, in my heart of hearts for La Parka) Bradshaw cut a promo in the back with Paul E about how apparently Bradshaw met the heavyweight champion of Mexico in an airport and they started yelling at each other. So he booked the match. El Gran was announced at 215 pounds, wore black and gold and a mask. Pretty boring match actually. (not that it should be a surprise) Bradshaw played the heel by pinning and pulling the champ (who had a pretty cool Mexican championship belt actually) up off the mat at 2. then he laid down and made the lifeless body of the champ pin him, only to kick out at two. Fall away slam, clothesline from hell, and its over.


Café du Rene

I am not sure the actual name of the segment, I think this is it. But after watching him tonight, I have to say this: Rene Dupree is GOLD. The dude is awesome. He was such a great heel tonight. As far as I am concerned, he has all the tools to be great in this business. He got the most heat of the night, bar none. I hope it comes off as well on TV as it did live. Man, I love to hate him. The segment took place in the ring, with a lamppost, and street sign (rue de Rene I think is what was on it) and an Eiffel Tower about 4 feet high. Of course, there was also a café table, with bread and wine. There was also an old dude playing the accordion behind him to start the segment off. Of course, Fifi was in the corner, scared shitless of all that was going on around her. For some reason, they had her sitting on the monitor at first, which just made matters worse, cause whenever anyone would talk, she would freak out. Not a happy camper. As for Rene, he would open his mouth, and we would boo. It was great. He was in a suit, and asked torrie out. He announced her as a playboy cover girl, and most recently a diva magazine cover girl as well. She got and he sat her down all gentleman like. He was being very polite, pouring her wine, and introducing her to Fifi. I wonder how long this will last? I didn’t have to wonder very long tho, because he started asking her about the Big Show, and why in the world she would laugh at him. Torrie said she thought she was out here to talk about the Diva Rag, I mean Mag, and he should stick to that. Rene kept pressing, and got more and more intense with her. Man this guy is good. He got to the point where he was over her, shouting, saying that Fifi wasn’t the only bitch in the ring. Torrie slapped him, and he grabbed her hard. She swung again, and he blocked it. suddenly out of nowhere, John Cena is there. He cleans house, throwing the props (never did see what happened to Fifi) out of the ring. Rene was cut badly near his ear, and was sent back. Cena grabbed the wine, tried it, and spat it out. He wanted a Molson Ex (one of Canada’s most popular beer) someone in the crowd gave him one and we were chanting ‘Chug’. He said he will if we will, so raise a glass. He did a rhyme to kelowna, and everyone was drinkin. He started to promo, and suddenly, the two Chavos interrupted.


ChavoChavo Over John Cena

Handicap match with The Two Chavos fighting Cena. Lots of fun stuff here, with Cena being very very over. All the spots you would think would be there were, but in the end, with some cheating, Chavo Jr pinned Cena with at Brain Buster. Good match


Booker T came out to promo how great he is. We disagreed, so we booed him mercilessly. Booker was talking about how big a star he was, and all that, and suddenly the lights went out. A couple of bongs and thunderclaps later, booker was running away in the audience. This was the only disappointment of the night, as many of us saw taker earlier in the day, and we would not get to see him this night. The place went apeshit for the bongs, so it was disappointing not to at least see him.


The Dudley over Eddie

Okay, so Paul is calling the Dudley Boyz ‘The Dudley’ tonight. I am not really sure why, but basically, this is a handicap match. Eddie gets beat down. There is a double count out at one point but Paul E (down by ringside) says that this is the main event, and there will be a winner! So the match goes on, with Eddie working hard, and hulking up Eddie style on Devon. He triple suplexes him, and looks to have victory at hand, but then he is tripped, pinned, and buh buh holds his feet down on the outside. Bradshaw shows up and gives Eddie the Big Beat Down including a Clothesline from hell. He gets on the buckle and gloats. Pretty good match, and that’s the show.


Biggest Pops



Taker (or the tease)


Biggest Heat

Rene (this guy is going to be a megastar)


Booker T


After the show Eddie gets up, and gets the mic. He starts some kind of verbal game with Tazz about why Tazz wont get him a bottle of water. Tazz says its Coles job. Eddie gets some water, and throws it back to Tazz saying ‘I will give you a chance to catch this’. Tazz comments how Cole is really the Catcher, but he will do his best. He catches the water, and then tells Eddie how much he respects him so he will give him the water, and he gets up and hands it to him. Eddie then tells us again how great we are, and thanks us and wishes us God Bless. Before he leaves he gets us chanting ‘Bradshaw sucks!’

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Ever seen Jindrak in the ring? cause that reminds me of another thing that sucks. SD is a bit rudderless really, on the fly booking, dont really have a cue where they r going, kinda like the opposite to Raw which seemingly has some idea of where they wanna go. Just needs a shake up, and a bit more stars. I say push RVD, Cena, Eddie, Booker, Dupree, Haas, etc then trade Jericho and Storm to SD too, heck even Rhyno maybe as well, and give them a push. They just need some shake ups and freshness, and some iniative towards a decent progressive future.
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