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Big Ron Resigns


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Have a look at this...


Football pundit Ron Atkinson has resigned from ITV Sport after making racist comments off-air after the game between Chelsea and Monaco.


Atkinson was said to be "devastated and very sorry" for any offence caused and offered his resignation to his ITV bosses immediately.


The spokesman said: "We do not in any way condone the comments in question, which were not broadcast as part of ITV's coverage but were made in an off-air conversation after the game.


"It was a regrettable lapse by a respected and experienced broadcaster who has been part of the ITV sports team for many years.


"We have discussed the situation with Ron Atkinson, who is devastated and very sorry for any offence caused by his comments.


"He immediately offered his resignation which we have accepted."



Naughty naughty!! Disappointing news, I used to mark out for Ron but recently he has been an annoying git (especially on the Premiership on Monday the other week).

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Shame we will never hear some of CA RAZY sayings again though!


"He doesn't do what I call amusement arcade stuff" being a recent rib-tickler.


But yeah Ron, though you will live on in comedy football columns, goodbye.

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