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~TWO Weakest Link - Favourite Gimmick Match Round 7~

Cactus Jack

Vote Off Your Least Favourite Gimmick  

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  1. 1. Vote Off Your Least Favourite Gimmick

    • Hell In A Cell
    • Elimination Chamber
    • Cage
    • Ladder

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Chamber - they over-sell the "bullet-proof glass" which gets punched and breaks (by Goldberg)


Also, the "timed release" gets tedious as it gets obvious who is coming out in what order - it was SO obvious that HHH was coming out last in the 2nd Chamber


Since it's meant to be a sealed cage, shouldn't the "eliminated" people still be left in the chamber until the last man has won?

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The Elimination Chamber for me, Very little interests me in this match to be quite honest, Neither of the Chamber matches have been any good either.


There have been classics involving the other 3...Therefore Chamber gets my vote.

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Cage for me. Ladder matches excite me and I enjoy most of the matches. Hell in a Cell was brilliant too, until it was overused.. Elimination chamber is new and cool, so, cage it is :)


I don't like the idea in the cage matches where you can just walk out of the door and win :roll over the top and pin would be so much better, without the door rule...

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