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E3 2004


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Well, it's that time of year again, the time of year that all of the biggest game developers in the world meet up in LA, and reveal to the world all the scoop on their up and coming titles, and the press go to see this show...


I don't need to explain it, and I simply can't wait for this year, that is shaping up to be the best yet...


I'm sure you all know about the up and coming titles, so I don't nee dto go into detail, so I can't wait for what's on offer this year...


Ratchet returns for yet another bash at no.1 Platformer, R&C3, as does Jak, in Jak3, who will claim no.1?


Metal Gear 3 looks like being the game of the year, and, no-one knows a great deal about the game yet, bar rumours etc, will Konami drop the skinny at E3? Is Snake the main star?


Also, titles that are coming soon...


Hitman:Contracts looks set to make Manhunt look child's play.

Driv3r looks like being the GTA:VC beater, but will it top...

GTA:San Andreas? Will it top MGS3?


Red Dead Revolver, another game in development by Rockstar, looks really cool, as does, surprisingly, Bad Boys 2, wonder what that'll be like...

Crash Bandicoot EIGHT in the process to, where he teams up with Dr.Neo Cortex to face a deadly threat...again? Crash Unlimited is what it will be called...

Shrek 2? Oh yeah!


And heaps more besides, but I've rambled enough, what games are you looking forward to seeing more of at E3?





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Aha, the new Hitman looks to be making Manhunt look like a platformer!


Loadsa games coming out across the year, and to solve many a problem of "which console to buy" this is the one and true answer: PS2. There's no explaining to do!


I'd like to see XBOX or GameCube come up with half the goods that PS2 have...C'mon...

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if you sift thru the crap GameCube has some great games on it and for the really cheap prices, X-Box on the other hand makes you think whats the point when 95% of the stuff on it is multi-format anyway and you have to reinforce your flooring to cope with the weight of console.
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whats the point when 95% of the stuff on it is multi-format anyway and you have to reinforce your flooring to cope with the weight of console.


It's true, it's true. I hate X-Boxes. PS2 are way more advanced, better games. Plus, more people had PSOnes, and were in favour of something new from the PS brand.

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I just plaina nd simply prefer the PS2, coz it's better. Better Games, Better Graphics, Better console all round, anyone disagreeing better have a good enough argument? Prove me wrong, I dare ya! :lol


Chris :devil


Alright then if you insist....


Lemme give you some specs.




Processor 294.912 MHz

Memory: 32MB

Polygon Count: 66 Million per second

Memory Bus Bandwidth: 3.2gb per second

Storage Medium: 8MB





Processor: 733 MHz

Memory: 64MB

Polygon Count: 125 Million per second

Memory Bus Bandwidth: 6.4gb per second

Hard Drive: 10GB



Now, if you dont quite understand that I'll make it simpler, the Xbox is around twice as powerful as the playstation 2.


And I can't quite understand how you think the Playstation 2 graphics are better than the Xbox or Gamecube. Both consoles are far better on graphics in comparison to the PS2.


Xbox graphics are much better, the frame rate is smoother, and the gameplay flows with the fluid control. The game libraries, most games now come out on both systems. And the games solo for the X-box have far better graphics. With GTA on X-Box, the graphics are amazingly enhanced, and you can upload your favorite songs to create your own in-game radio station. Xbox also has faster loading times than PS2 do to a much better processer.


As far as the controllers are concerned, it all depends on what you are used to. When I play the PS2, the controller feels so small and fragile. Whenever a PS2 player comes over, they say the controllers feel too big. It's a matter of comfort. The controler thing is just a personal preference, personaly I don't see how people could prefer PS2's controler unless you have small deformed hands that bend in a none-rounded motion.


The main things PS2 fanboys say PS2 has an advantage over Xbox is it's size, controller, and game library. The stupid thing about complaining about Xbox's size is that it's not a portable system, so why do people complain about it's size? Besides, I dont mind having a bigger console if it's over twice as powerful.


PS2 does have more games, and a little more support from developers (Though I believe we are beginning to see the change in this due to certain releases on X-Box that were previously exclusive to the PS2) The fact is developers are getting to the point where they want to create next-gen games that sell by the bucket load. It's much easier to do this on Xbox and PC. The Xbox can handle so much more than the PS2. When all is said and done, the X-box has better graphics, smother gameplay, a better on-line service, and a more comfortable controller.


Okay, I think i've said enough. Now you guys can further complain that "the xbox is so big it caused an eclipse." Which is quite frankly pathetic. Size doesn't matter. It may be a little bigger, but it's twice as powerful, so who in the hell cares?

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I own a PS2 and am a huge fan of it, but give credit where credit is due. Both the other major consoles have graphics of a higher quality than the PS2. Meteora, i assume you are talking about GTA and MGS when you mention the games for both systems? Undoubtedly with the added power of the Xbox it has the possibility to add extra features (ie the radio station you mentioned) but that doesnt neccesarily mean that the Xbox version is better than the PS2 incarnation. Both games are still as fun to play, and run just a smooth. Ok the Xbox version may look sweeter on the outside but what real difference does that make? If a game is fun to play, then i dont care if it looks better on another console, its still the same game.


The games that are released for more than one console are just out for money. To the games companies it doesnt matter which console they release a game for, as long as it sells. Now PS2 has been the top selling console for a long time, but Xbox sales are now vastly improving, as are the Gamecube's. It doesnt take a brain surgeon to figure out that releasing a game on two or more consoles will greatly improve the revenue on the game. It isnt a major issue that games companies are now opening up their libraries to other consoles, many stuck to the PS2 because it was the dominant force in console gaming, but as the other consoles are now gathering momentum the companies are seeing more money making opportunities and taking them.


With controllers, it is all about what you are used to. If you have played PS1 or PS2 for any amount of time an Xbox pad will seem huge, as if you have played Xbox for a time the PS2 pad will seem tiny. No controller is more comfortable than the other, a PS2 owner who moves to Xbox will eventually get used to the pad and feel comfortable, and vice versa.


I agree when you say the size of the console doesnt matter. As far as i am concerned as long as it sits there and allows me to play games i dont care. It aint there to be moved around, its there to remain stationary while i play games!


Right thats me done :D

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give all the facts and figures you guys want but let the sales facts speak for themselves and these prove ps2 is better.


Better sales does not neccesarily mean a better console. Consoles are bought for many reasons (quality of games, previous experience with the company, etc.) Just because the PS2 was/is the most popular games console around, doesnt mean it is better than the rest. As meteora pointed out the Xbox has specs which are immensley better than Sony's PS2.

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yeah, what he said.


Sales don't mean a whole lot. have you heard the kind of songs that get to number one these days? They're just plain terrible, but they sold well.

Lets take The Cartoons song for example, (you know "oh, eh, oh, ah, ahh, ting, tang, walla, walla, bing, bang) it's an absolute disgrace, but it did get to number 1 in the charts.


Sales is not a good thing to go by. Sales figures simply reflect how much the product has been shoved into the consumers face by advertisement.


Just because you bought something, that doesn't necessarily mean it's good. Because you can't know for sure if it's good or not before you actually buy it.

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The thing is, people are buying the PS2 mainly with the knowledge that the Xbox has higher capabilities. I certainly did, and so did both my my brothers. Its down to the reasons i mentioned earlier, reputation, past history of company, playability/variety of games etc. Now before nayone says anything, i do not mean the PS2 has the best variety of games, i mean that if a console has a selection of games that one person likes, then they will buy that console to play those games.
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