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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue #58 (Column: The FWA...)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue #58 - 18th April 2004



Hey all,


Welcome to edition 58 of the TWO Newsletter! It's Backlash tonight, the crowd should be red hot which will be great especially for the main event. Where will Benoit be announced from? Will he retain the title? Will we see Bret? Will there be a screw job? All will be revealed tonight.


To prepare for Backlash, make sure you turn up for the montly quiz and PPV chat in the TWO Chatroom. The quiz is at 8pm and the PPV chat starts at 9pm, we'll see you there!


This week we have all the usual features and articles that make the Newsletter what it is. Enjoy!



TWO Newsletter Editor



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The Week in History



20 years ago this week - Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen won All-Japan's tournament to crown PWF Tag Team Champions.


10 years ago this week - These are the RAW results from this week 10 years ago:


Bret Hart defeated Kwang by submission, Jeff Jarrett pinned P.J. Walker, The Steiner Brothers defeated Mike Khoury and Barry Hardy, Earthquake pinned Mike Bell and Irwin R. Schyster pinned Major Yates.


1 year ago this week - RAW recorded a 3.8 rating.



Forum Focus Special



This week jungmuta posted the news that the WWE and Stone Cold Steve Austin have mutually agreed to part company…


"I smell a work. When do they ever post a picture and have an official update on WWE.com like that when people leave? They usually get a small few words, this looks like a work. If its true, however, I can honestly say that I really don't care." - The cynical WWFBeltMark.


"On the other hand he is the biggest star there ever was and maybe ever will be, no doubt its a big loss merchandise wise." - WalshyBoy makes Vince pick up the phone and beg Austin to come back.


"I think the blame goes on both Stone Cold and the WWE's shoulders for this, but I'm not too bothered at the moment. As long as he's back for Wrestlemania."- Simon, already looking forward to next March.


"Him leaving is not a work, his contract expired 3 weeks back and a new one wasn't agreed on because of the differences about Austin owning the "Stone Cold" name. He's gone and free to work where he wants.


The whole photo and paragraph way of announcing it was done with Hennig, Hall and Goldust and every release over the last few years.


He'll do a Hogan, make great money in Japan and be back before the end of year untill the next dispute with McMahon." - Tajiri, TWO's very own Dave Meltzer!


"Anyone else care and or notice Austin was missing from Raw the past two weeks. I sure as hell didn't.


The WWE does not need Austin right now, Austin was adding nothing to the point where for me anyway I was far too interested in Raw without him to notice he wasn't even there." - Colin seems happy with the Spring clean.



Forum Threads of the Week





Another TWO newbie bags TWO Thread of the Week! Jack Bibby did it the other week and now RhinoRock is celebrating. He created a thread doubting the credibility of Chris Benoit's finishing move, the Crossface. We had a bit of everything, Ed writing the move off, Benoit fan #1 Crippler defending it, darkstar thinking Scotty 2 Hottie's Worm is more over and all the other Benoit marks defending the submission. It was an entertaining thread and it wins TWO Thread of the Week!


END OF THE CROSSFACE - http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11496 - RhinoRock




The returning NJC wins the TWO non-wrestling Thread of the Week! He disappeared for a while but came back recently and has been a great contributor to the forums. This thread was based on Eamon, and his new song, "I Don't Want You Back" which has been creating a lot of attention and hype. TWO members as usual put their point of view across and it makes for a good thread. Well done to NJC!


EAMON - http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11528 - NJC



TWO Member of the Week



Who is this week's TWO member of the week?


Well done to WWFBeltMark who has been very active especially in the US Forum this week. He is a newcomer but has brought some good discussion to the table and has made a good impression in his short time. Well done to WWFBeltMark on becoming the TWO member of the week!



New at Wrestling 101



Wrestling 101 gets more and more quality content added to it as the weeks go by. This week isn't any different as we have superb columns for you to read. Here they are:


> TLW: WWE Backlash 2004 Predictions - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/TonyC/341/ - Tony provides us as always with his predictions for tonights WWE PPV - Backlash.


> T3C: WWE Backlash 2004 Preview - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/ttc/342/ - Stephen back again, with a preview of tonights WWE Backlash PPV.


> WWF Backlash 1999 Classic Review http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/FTV/345/ - Dan takes a look back at WWF Backlash from 1999.


> UKScene #118 - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/AdamS/339/ - Mr Sibley is back with column 118.


> FWA-AOK? - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/Cynic/340/ - The Cynic takes a look at FWA Crunch.


> OTH: My UFC47 Afterthoughts - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/JoeR/337/ - Joe Reilly looks back at his time in Las Vegas , really interesting read.


> Ric Flair Profile - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/USProfiles/338/ - TWO Legend Dan takes a look at a wrestling legend, Ric Flair~!


> Indy Assortment #3 - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/Indy101/336/ - Trinity gives her thoughts on the happenings in the US indies and talks about Teddy Hart.


> Austin at the crossroads - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/ttc/335/ - Everyones favourite, Stephen Ashfield, brings you yet another article, this time about Stone Cold Steve Austin.



TWO Backlash Chat



It's the event after Wrestlemania, brought to you by the Raw brand....


PPV Quiz and Chat


As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night. Head over to the TWO chatroom at 8.00pm to enter our highly popular quiz, with your host Chris2k. Then from 9pm until 1am, why not stay along for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier.


WWE Backlash 2004 Quiz and Chat

Sunday, April 18th

(UK Times)


Quiz: 8.00 - 9.00pm

Chat: 9pm - 1am


For more info see:



PPV Prediction League


Post your predictions below - anyone can enter!





* World Heavyweight Championship

Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H


* Intercontinental Championship

Cactus Jack vs. Randy Orton


* Women's Championship

Lita vs. Victoria


* Chris Jericho vs. Christian & Trish Stratus


* Edge vs. Kane


* Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair


* Tajiri vs. Jonathan Coachman


Official WWE Backlash 2004 Discussion Thread:




US News - By HSM



WWE News:


WWE's June Smackdown brand PPV will be called "The Great American Bash." The PPV will be based around patriotic themes and take place in Norfolk, home of the largest naval base in the world. The promotional posters for the PPV will feature Torrie Wilson dressed up as Uncle Sam. The Great American Bash was a WCW PPV for years. June will be the first month that will feature two WWE PPV's.


Brian "Grandmaster Sexay" Lawler is returning to WWE. His appearance on RAW last night was not a one-time thing. Lawler's return was one of the final moves Jim Ross made as Vice President of Talent Relations. Lawler was hoping to reform Too Cool with Scotty 2 Hotty but was instead put on RAW


WWE management remains high on the Eugene character and feels it will get over well.


Some talent was disappointed that the house shows this weekend drew weak crowds. House shows were strong over the past few weeks and many thought it was a turning point for the company.


Management was happy with Batista's work at the house shows over the weekend. WWE has been pushing him to be intense on the house shows, not just on TV.


WWE remains very high on Garrison Cade and many feel he will develop into a big star.


Ultimo Dragon will be taking a leave of absence from WWE. It is expected that he will not return to WWE for a few months. He will be heading back to Japan to wrestle and take care of other business matters during his time away from WWE.


Some WWE wrestlers are upset over Johnny Ace being promoted to Vice President of Talent Relations. Ace has upset a lot of people over the years and has built a reputation of being an "ass kisser" and a "yes man." However, some do feel that Ace is good for the spot because he has a better grip on the available talent. He also is on better terms with TNA and Indy wrestlers.


Vince McMahon is the main man behind the push of Bradshaw. McMahon is said to be a big fan of Bradshaw's new character. As is the usual case, nobody in McMahon's inner circle has the guts to tell him anything other than what he wants to hear.


Rey Mysterio has been complaining of dizziness recently and has been taken off the road while medical tests are performed. Interestingly enough, Smackdown writer Dave Lagana recently told Mysterio that the writers have nothing in mind for Mysterio. They even told Rey to come up with his own ideas for his future and present them to the creative team. It was not long ago when most in WWE believed Mysterio would be getting a major push with the heavyweights


The following statement was released by WWE.com this week "After months of negotiations, the WWE and Steve Austin have been unable to come to terms on a new contract and as a result have mutually agreed to part company. Both parties have left the door open to work together again in the future and the WWE wishes Steve the very best in his future endeavours."


Considering this it has been reported that Steve Austin has been in talks with Japan's Pride about appearing at some of their future Hustle series events, possibly as early as their 5/8 pro-wrestling show. Goldberg is also affiliated with Pride's Hustle series as well. New Japan is also a possibility for Austin due to their history of paying big for stars to come in and work their huge Dome shows. However, New Japan has a Dome show on 5/3 (probably too soon for Austin) and then won't have another until October. NOAH is another option with a Dome show on 7/10 but has not paid out big for one time star appearances in the past


NWA: TNA News:


Jeff Jarrett met with UFC officials at the UFC PPV two weeks ago. Jarrett told them that TNA has finalized a TV deal with Fox Sports Net and proposed doing cross-promotional angles together. UFC passed on the idea, stating that they don't want to work with pro-wrestling companies right now.


In results from this weeks PPV;


Jeff Jarrett beat James Storm

Frankie Kazarian beat Sonjay Dutt

Simon Diamond beat Jonny Swinger

Monty Brown and Sabu went to a no contest

Apollo & D Lo Brown beat Kid Kash and Dallas

Chris Harris beat Raven to become the Number 1 contender for the NWA Heavyweight belt


That's all for this week.





UK News - By Goldy



Hi everyone, welcome once again to another UK Scene update with plenty of show

results and all the news to keep you bang up to date! I myself am just back from

FCW's Collision Course show which was once again a great success! Main-evented by 'The Wonderkid' Jonny Storm and Laken Xander!

A couple of our TWO regulars are today taking part in a FCW training seminar

also featuring Jonny Storm, I would like to wish them all the best with it and

hope they don't come back too battered and bruised!!


FWA - Crunch - Broxbourne -11/04/04

The Family def Aviv Mayaan & Mark Belton

Eamon Shrahaan def James Tighe

The Duke Of Danger returned!

Hade Vanson def The Zebra Kid to win the All England Title

Alex Shane def Jack Xavier.

Jonny Storm def Sunjay Dutt

Doug Williams def D'Lo Brown 2-1 to retain the FWA Heavyweight Title.


UKWA/RBW - Sheffield - 13/04/04

Domino & Johnny Midnight def Rich 'n' Famous & Tommy Johnson

Sammy Rey def Corey Davis

Dunk def Mark Mignot

Will Assault & Kris Travis def Stixx & JC Thunder

Rainz won a Battle Royal.


CWC Wrestling - Lymington - 14/04/04

Eamon Shrahaan def Leon Lionheart & Samurai

The Gentlemen (Phil Hyde & Craig Matthews) def Jetta & Simon Collins

Phil Lea def Mike Venom

Tim Burns def Rob Force

Brett Summers def Scott Future

'Wildchild' Paul Willis def Jay Knoxx by 2-1

Andy Simmonz def Jekell to retain the CWC Title.

Jay Knoxx won a Battle Royal.


All Star - Southampton - 16/04/04

Kid Cool def Hade Vanson

Jonny Storm vs James Mason went to a 1-1 draw after 6 rounds

The Flatliner def Mikey Whipwreck

Damien Lee def Tagori

Rob Brookside & Frankie Sloan def Thunder & Julio Torres.


RBW - Enfield - 17/4/04

Rich 'n' Famous def Kid Romeo

Sammy Ray def Tex Bennedict

Chris Wyld & JC Thunder def Eamon O'Neil & Mark Shaman

Robbie Brookside def Keith Myatt

Stixx won a Battle Royal.


FCW - Collision Course - Old Hill - 17/04/04

Dragon Pheonix def A-Star Athlete

The Judge & Marc Hogan def Spud & BB Steele

Jack Storm def Celt Kennedy

Morales def Kev O'Neil & Rob Hunter

GBH def Devils Advocate

Jonny Storm def Laken Xander with Innocence.


The final four entrants for the UWL submission champion tournament have been

confirmed as follows:

Shabazz - MMA fighter and wrestler for BRAWL & EAW

Jonny Pesci - Former BRAWL Tag & Cruiserweight Champion also a wrestler for WAR.

Spatch - Former BRAWL Heavyweight Champion.

Spin Doctor - Former WAR champion. Also wrestles for TAP & FCW.

There will be three matches with the winners from the first two meeting to

decide the champion. The winner will only be declared after a tap out, there

are absolutely no pin falls or count-outs.


United Kingdom Pro Wrestling returns to Holbury, Southampton on Friday April

23rd 2004. Featuring a full card of Wrestling action, you will see competitors

such as Ethan 'The Heat' Hayze, Chris Wyld, Andy Simmonz, Marcus 'The Toad'

Hiscott, Anton Green, Kid Regis, Eamon O'Neil and more. Several matches can now be announced with more to be added. The Card so far looks like this:

4 Man Tournament, First Round:

Mark Phillips vs Anton Green

First Round:

Kid Regis vs Ethan Hayze *

* With Ethan Hayze's recent injuries, this match may have to be reconsidered.

Chris Wyld vs Eamon O'Neil.

The action will be taking place at:

Waterside Theatre

Long Lane,


New Forest,


Tickets to this event can be obtained by calling the Box Office on 023 80

893750. Tickets will also be available on the door or can be ordered online at



British Championship Wrestling have announced details of a Women's Free

Introductory Training Seminar. British Championship Wrestling will be holding a free introductory training seminar for women on the 21st April 2004 at their training centre in Rutherglen.

The seminar will be strictly for women and will give a taster of the basics of

professional wrestling.The seminar will start at 6pm and finish at 8.30pm. If

there is enough interest in this event, a women's only night will be held weekly

at the training centre. If you would like further information please contact

info@bcwuk.co.uk. This seminar will be covered by the local paper and places are going fast. If you would like to reserve your place please email

info@bcwuk.co.uk with your details or see http://www.bcwuk.co.uk. From a personal point of view I really hope this seminar does well. It's nice to see BCW taking an interest in womens wrestling and hopefully more federations will do something similar.


Steve Logan and KSW are proud to announce the details of the next KSW event.

It's on April 30th, 2004 and called KSW 'Deadly Alliance II' at St. Theresa's

social club, Wellington Road, Perry Bar.

Prices are £7.00 Adult and £4.50 for Children and the doors open at 7pm, show

starts 7:30pm. Check out http://www.kstarinsider.co.nrl for card details.


Midlands Professional Wrestling moves to its new and improved venue! MPW has stepped up a gear for Spring 2004, with a new set consisting of fully computer controlled DMX lighting setup, a new 1.5 kilowatt sound system, pyrotechnics, and much more!

Using the very finest talent from within MPW and around the country, April 24th

is sure to be full of surprises as wrestlers from all over the UK centre in on

Coventry to make an impression to the MPW faithful and hope to take their shot

at the MPW Mat Masters Champion, Psycho Steve!

With MPW regulars; Danny Oxman. Jekkel, Majik, White Tiger, Hatred, Raging Fury with the poisonous Draevyn, Edgar Stryfe, & Leon Lionheart, the gorgeous but dangerous Jetta, Chris Charizma and the rest of the Midlands Professional

Wrestling crew coupled with the very cream of UK talent such as NWA-UK

Hammerlock The Devilman, Neal, Alex Gold, Scottish Championship Wrestlings

Conscience and some surprise arrivals, the next MPW show is certain to be one

not forgotten in a hurry!

Saturday 24th April will also see the Midlands Professional Wrestling debut of

Shaun Dinosaur Davis, probably one of the UKs most successful and decorated

Professional Body Builders, former Mr Universe, Mr UK, Mr Europe etc, one of the biggest bodybuilders in the World. The show takes place at the Centre AT7 12 Bell Green Lane Coventry, CV6 7GP; less than a mile off M6 Junction 3 on a

straight road! Alternatively, less than three miles from Coventry station!


The IWF are running a show at the Northern Club, Ridgeway, Ashington on Thursday 22nd April. Tickets cost £5 and doors open at 6:30pm for a 7pm start. Wrestlers on the card include: Assasin taking on Cameron Knight in a championship clash, The Avery Brothers, Chris Prime, Bobby Jackson, Pac, Harry Pain, Weapon X, Carl Harker, The Player, Hot Ed, Lee Kyle, 'The Angel' Sharna O'Neill and Phoenix.


It has been announced this week that Revolution British Wrestling, along with

World4Life, will be putting on an event at the historic Civic Hall in

Wolverhampton on Tuesday 25th May. Wrestling has not been seen at the venue for quite some time, with it formerly being a regular venue for British wrestling in

it's hey-day.Tickets go on sale shortly, and a full card is set to be announced

within the next week. More information on this event can be found at



That's everything to bring you up to date in the world of UK wrestling. Don't

forget to check out Adam Sibley's UK Scene Column number 118 now up at

101wrestling. Thank you for reading.





EWR WWE Corner by Chris2K



Howdy everyone, and welcome to the fifth edition of the EWR WWE Corner, with your regular host Chris2K. Regular followers of this column will be very glad to know that I HAVE TEW AT LAST! Surprisingly, I managed to stop playing it long enough to do this week's column, and I will continue to use EWR to provide some continuity. Many thanks must go to Jason Toms for buying me the game with his credit card, and letting me pay him back via PayPal ;).


So onto this week's show, which will be this week's SmackDown show, with the usual real ratings from Scott Keith of http://www.411mania.com/wrestling


SmackDown! - April 15th 2004 (April 17th in UK)


<Segment One: Angle makes Eddie vs. Bradshaw at Judgment Day>

Booked As: Angle, Authority Angle, Authority makes 1vs1 at Next Big Event


Rating: 92%


Well as much as the Bradshaw push is hated by the internet fans, you can't falter the WWE for the way they've done it. They've established him as a heel, and as a gimmick, the 'evil snob' is a good one. It's just a shame Bradshaw is the guy they've chosen for the job.


<Segment Two: Angle makes Eddie vs. Show tonight>

Booked As: Angle, Authority Angle, Authority makes 1vs1 tonight


Rating: 98%


Again, Angle's charisma gets the rating up to levels beyond what it should be, but at least it shows that Big Show is more over than Bradshaw.


<Segment Three: John Cena vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Cena wins, cleanly


Crowd: 75%

Match: 83%

Overall: 79%

Stars: ***1/4

Real Stars: *1/2


It's all very well booking these 'champion vs. champion' matches, but all they do is show just how far behind in the 'ranks' the Cruiserweight division is, when they should be at least equal. And Cena squash matches aren't really necessary when he's over enough through his gimmick.


<Segment Four: Dupree with Fifi>

Booked As: Interview, Single Worker, Dupree, Self Promotion


Overall: 79%


Well I'm sure that rating would've been higher if FIFI~! was in the game. The most disturbing fact is that Fifi is twice as over as Sylvan Grenier ever will be. Not sure whether we need another talk show, but there you are.


<Segment Five: Charlie Haas vs. Rico>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Rico wins by count-out


Crowd: 52%

Match: 83%

Overall: 67%

Stars: ***

Real Stars: 1/4*


It's pretty daft that whilst Shelton Benjamin is getting the push of a lifetime over on Raw, Charlie Haas hasn't gone anywhere since TWGTT split. In fact, this whole 'homophobe vs. camp worker' feud is dragging him even further behind Shelton. It's another showing of how juvenile the WWE can be.


<Segment Six: Mordechai video>


Rating: 73%


Well it's interesting to see Mordechai (aka Seven/Kevin Fertig) being brought up at last after a HUGE makeover. The problem is, the gimmick is a perfect set-up for a feud with Taker, and we all know Taker's stance on putting people over.


<Segment Seven: Eddie Guerrero vs. Big Show (non-title)>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Non-title, Eddie wins cleanly


Crowd: 68%

Match: 71%

Overall: 69%

Stars: **1/2

Real Stars: **


Looks like EWR got this one about right. Not really sure why this match couldn't have been a WWE Title one, as that would've given the 'Show goes nuts' angle a bit more credibility.


<Segment Eight: Spike Dudley vs. Mark Jindrak>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Jindrak wins, Cleanly


Crowd: 60%

Match: 85%

Overall: 72%

Stars: ***

Real Stars: 1/4*


EWR doesn't seem to grasp the idea of a 'squash match', hence the hyperbole in the match rating. Jindrak as Long's client REALLY doesn't work for me, seeing as Long's been 'haterizin' on whitey' for the last year.


<Segment Nine: Torrie gets kidnapped by Show>

Booked As: Angle, Diva, Diva kidnapped


Rating: 77%


Well EWR had the perfect angle for this situation, which was nice. Seeing this made me immediately think of the King Kong story for some reason.


<Segment Ten: Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, RVD wins by DQ, Booker assaults


Crowd: 86%

Match: 84%

Overall: 85%

Stars: ***1/4

Real Stars: **


Hopefully the ending to this match will mean that these two continue to feud, instead of Booker going off to feud with Taker. It's just a shame they turned Booker so early instead of getting some life out of the feud before it started.


<Segment Eleven: Show chucks Angle off a large piece of scaffolding>

Booked As: Angle, 1vs1, Assault needs Paramedics


Rating: 88%


It seems this angle was brought in as a way of adding 'suspense' and 'drama' to the SmackDown shows after a few dull weeks, and I suppose it has. Another Show push may not be the ideal circumstances, but he deserves it due to the fact he's been willing to delay recovering from injuries in order to help the company's heel problem out.




EWR seems to think that this is a good show, and it has been the best SmackDown for quite a bit. But it could've been better if they had made a few different timings to the matches, and hadn't done the stupid homophobic stuff.


As for the GM situation, I presume that Angle's turned face from the angle, and will remain the GM in a wheelchair or something. But then again, some people have recovered from much worse situations (burning dumpsters, dropped 40 feet in a limo, sent flying into a limo, falling off a Hell in a Cell) with just bandages to patch up their wounds.


Well that's it for this week, enjoy Backlash tonight, and don't forget the TWO quiz at 8pm tonight, hosted by yours truly. And do the PPV Prediction league as well!


Have a good week, and I'll see you next time.





TWO Newsletter Main Event -

"The FWA..." by Stephen Ashfield



It's an exciting time if you happen to be an FWA fan. 2004 has so far seen two excellent events in 'New Frontiers' and 'Crunch', shows in Wales and the North of England, a blooming Academy and of course the deal with The Wrestling Channel. So what lies ahead for the FWA? Let's firstly take a look at the FWA Title.


Doug Williams rules the roost but I have to admit the title situation is not that lively at the moment. Since winning the belt from Christopher Daniels on an ROH show last year, aside from a title defence against James Tighe at British Uprising 3, most of his defences have been against US imports. There's been D'Lo Brown, Sonjay Dutt, American Dragon to name but three. That's giving us good matches but not a decent situation re the title.


Imagine if WWE simply had one champion, say Triple H (keeps him happy and perhaps it means Stephanie owes me a favour?), and instead of defending against Michaels, Benoit etc, he meets top European and Japanese opponents. That doesn't help the WWE roster a great deal does it? It's the same with the FWA, we need a proper feud for Williams to get into. So who are the candidates? Alex Shane is an obvious choice but has Xavier, Hermann and Corino chasing him already. Jonny Storm would be a good option if he wasn't stuck with that XPW belt. Who else? Well there's Raj Ghosh from The Family I guess or if he could turn heel, the perfect candidate is Burchill. Whoever it is, with TV coming up, Williams needs to be in a programme that lasts more than one card.


Having mentioned Jonny Storm let's have a look at the XPW European Title. Seeing XPW don't put on shows and there's no title belt, this needs to be removed from the FWA asap. At present it's being used in the same way as the FWA Title. It simply gives Storm the chance to meet overseas talent such as Dutt, Brown, Credible and X-Dream. Storm is over with the fans whether he be a face or the excellent heel he is at present but the belt is just a waste of time. Ditch the belt and let Storm start chasing real gold.


The Tag title situation is livening up. It's a bit confusing having The Family as champs with several wrestlers holding the belt. I'd like to see Family members in more singles matches, wrestlers like Raj Ghosh and Scott Parker in particular could do well in the singles division. After all it's not that long since Parker was in an FWA Title challenge with Flash Barker. As for title challengers, it looks as if Hampton Court may be turning face, that makes sense for Simmonz who gets cheered anyway but if they do turn face how does The Duke of Danger behave? Burchill also seems to be in the tag title situation and could even tag with Dean Ayass for the belts.


The All-England title feud between Hade Vansen and Zebra Kid is going well and with Alex Shane poking his nose in, could end up as a triple threat for the belt. Other wrestlers such as James Tighe (who desperately needs a win), Mark Sloan and Jack Xavier could do with being put in the title picture.


The women's division in FWA doesn't really exist at present in the absence of Nikita who only seems to wrestle guys anyway. The Training school could perhaps help in the future.


There's some good talent coming through from the Academy at the moment: Maayan and Shrahan in particular. Look out for Max Voltage who should be on a show before the end of the year.


Things look pretty good for the FWA at the moment. It promises to be a good year.







US News - By HSM

UK News - By Goldy

EWR WWE Corner - By Chris2k

TWO Newsletter Main Event - By Stephen



That's it for this week, I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of the Newsletter. Thanks to HSM, Goldy, Stephen and Chris2K for their input as ever, you rule guys. Congratulations to RhinoRock and NJC on winning the Best Thread Badges for this week, and also WWFBeltMark on bagging the TWO Member of the Week award. Thanks to all of our readers for reading once again. Keep visiting Wrestling101 and TWO and we'll see you here next week. Enjoy Backlash tonight and be sure to turn up for the Quiz and PPV!


Take it easy folks!


Any feedback would be gladly appreciated. Send it, along with any questions or queries, to Pabster@talkwrestlingonline.com or to any of our contributors. We want your input to help make the newsletter the best we can.


The TWO Newsletter - "...cus Stone Cold said so!"



Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various sources around the internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.



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