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FF VII - Advent Children *2004*


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I don't know if anybody has picked up on this but since hearing about this I really can't wait to see this movie.

It's expected only to be an hour long but I couldn't really care less! :)

In my view this is a good choice of movie to produce from all the other final fantasy games.

For more new/interviews/slides/trailers/etc check this out http://ff.warcry.com/index.php/content/finalfantasyseries/advent_children/ff7_ac.php


Hail to the FF series! :worship

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I'm liking the (possible) storyline

Yuffie and Cait Sith better make an apperance and i'll be a bit surprise if Mr T isn't the voice of Barret :D


I think Cait Sith died in the Midgar explosion (I THINK). Yuffie could make an appearance, although sources tell me she is supposed to have returned to Wutai (I hope I've spelled that right).



Mr.T would be the perfect dub for Barrett! I always remember having a notion of Barrett having that kind of voice when playing the game itself. :lol


I know this is a bit random but if the movie wasn't animation who would you love to play in the movie???


Personally I've always loved the character of Vincent Valentine. There's just something mysterious about him from the get-go (well, he was found in a Casket in a Haunted Mansion like).

I think also I enjoyed his character more because he had alot more secrets and twist's in his character that not everyone discovered first time round...................plus if you acted as him you had the first half of the movie off! :lol

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