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IWF @ Ashington


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The IWF are running a show at the Northern Club, Ridgeway, Ashington on Thursday 22nd April. Tickets cost £5 and doors open 6:30 for a 7pm start.


The last IWF show (St Joseph’s Hall, Gateshead (3rd April)) saw IWF British Champion ASSASSIN use underhand tactics to defeat Paul Vault. IWF owner ERIC SCARBORO has since vowed to find a competitor who will not only defeat the champion, but will defend the belt with dignity. Therefore, Ashington will witness a championship clash between Assassin and Scottish Championship Wrestling ace CAMERON KNITE. It would seem to be an uphill task for Knite, who will not only be forced to deal with Assassin, but also his new manager, the imposing JUDGE MENTAL. However, Assassin could be forgiven for having one eye on Jed Masters, who, should the champion retain, he will face in the main event of NOBODY MOVE!!! (St Joseph’s Hall, Gateshead, 1st May).


In an attempt to nullify the threat of ‘BAD BOY’ JED MASTERS, Assassin has enlisted the help of his good friend JIMMY BLADE. Blade has promised the champion that he will stop at nothing to cause injury to the popular number one contender. Masters will be desperate for victory to allow him to go into the biggest match of his career with momentum on his side.


Tag Team Champions THE AVERY BROTHERS are scheduled to appear, but as yet, no opponents have been named. Despite this, Shaun and Youngsta have stated that they would be willing to defend their championship against any team. This has alerted many IWF stars and management is currently weighing up the credentials of various teams in an attempt to name the top contender.


Four of the IWF’s top fliers will clash in a match that has the potential to steal any show. ‘ALL THE TIME’ CHRIS PRIME, BOBBY JACKSON, PAC and ‘THE HARDEST IN HIS SCHOOL’ HARRY PAIN will attempt to outdo each other in a battle for aerial supremacy. Pac recently defeated Pain with a Phoenix Splash and is considered a slight favourite, yet only a fool would count out the hard-hitting schoolboy. Jackson is only ever one 450 splash away from victory and Prime will be looking to gain victory via his ‘Prime Time’ Shooting Star Press.


At the April 3rd show, CARL HARKER made several comments that were perceived as anti IWF. This has enraged WEAPON X who has demanded a match with Harker in Ashington. Weapon X, who lives in nearby Blyth, will have not only the fans, but also the entire locker room on his side for this heated contest.


Junior Champion LIAM ‘THE PLAYER’ ATKINSON, who has a match with Pac at NOBODY MOVE!!! Has requested a warm up match against a wrestler with a similar style to the sensational high flyer. The Player was said to be furious when informed of his opponent, he was hoping for a far easier match than the one he will get when he faces the masked wonder HOT ED.


‘THE ANGEL’ SHARNA O’NEILL has come close to defeating IWF Women’s Champion PHOENIX on numerous occasions in recent months, however, she has been unsuccessful. She has been granted one more title shot, but has been warned that if she loses, she will not get another.


LEE KYLE has sent the following email to IWF management:


As the IWF’s most entertaining star, as well as a bona fide submission wrestling God, you will be pleased to hear that Lee Kyle will be in Ashington. However, my mind may be on other things. As you know, I am currently in the process of rebuilding my elite group ‘The Lee Kyle Experience’. I am in negotiation with three wrestlers regarding this matter. One is a former IWF Champion; another is the greatest IWF competitor never to become British Champion. As for the third? … I’m not telling!

Rest assured, I am working as hard as I can to finalise the line up of the group. Will it be ready in time for the show in Ashington? Probably not. But while the Experience may not be ready, Lee Kyle definitely will be.


‘Til next time,

Sod Off


Make of that what you will!


In the now traditional Junior Academy showcase match, the ultra-flashy LITTLE DRAGON will square off with Shaun Avery’s protégé ‘DECKHAM RADGY’ PAUL DALBY.

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