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Some Questions


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1. Who the hell did Matt Hardy piss off in a past (or present) life to deserve the kind of treatment he's getting at the moment? Not only is he the only wwe talent I know of who had to job clean to Zack Gawain, he's also been left off wrestlemania (where it all began again with Torrie Wilson, Stacey and Sable putting on a glorified soft porn show) and now Backlash (well, I guess when you have wrestlers of the calibre of Coach around, its understandable, eh?). Whether you like the whole "Version 1" thing or not (personally, I do), its clear that he's being misused. Badly.


2. On the subject of the divas, but Torrie and Sable in particular; did anyone else find their little evening gown match at 'mania stupid and insulting of our intelligence as wrestling fans? This was the 20th wrestlemania, a milestone, and should've been treated as such. Instead we get a pile of crap from four women who can't wrestle OR act. Don't get me wrong; I really like the fact that there's gorgeous women like Trish (who brings more than just looks to the table) and Torrie in WWE, but come on! Did this piece of crap really make a difference to wrestlemania ticket sales? And don't even get me started on the way they hyped the playboy spread, it made me ashamed to be a wwe fan (and it was crap anyway).


3. Remember early on in the invasion angle, when they showed Mike Awesome backstage talking to the costume designer, telling her how he wanted "AWESOME" written across the back in huge letters, etc, remember that?


Does anyone know if he ever got those new tights?

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1) He was originally in line for a push with the losing gimmick. Now.. I dunno. I know it got dropped. I guess Meltzer was right.. someone in WWE finally read their book and realised how honest they were :P


2) I don't care about Playboy cas it gets WWE publicity and gives us something to oogle at. But at the same time, it shoulda been kept in Playboy - not brought to the Wrestlemania table.


3) I always thought he had tights like those, but obviously not.

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1. Matts treatment is shit. He comes back to RAW with a great storyline, to screw Lita, then that gets dropped, then he gets to take bumps for the next three months.

He has surely the best intro, webcam is cool, and can work both faces but I think the only thing that can save him is Jeff. Matt has hinted at him returning on his website.


V.ONE fact: Vince M likes to give men massages.

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