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create your own storyline.


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As many of you seem to so able to slate the steph pregnancy angle i'd like to see you all come up with something better. Heres what you have to use-


triple h









the rock

and the undisputed wwf championship


you have 6 raws, 6 smackdowns, no way out and wrestlemania so go get cracking on those ideas

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i'll abstain from this one as i don't want to see any storylines, certainly not involving those guys anyway. can't even think of matches i'd like to see, except maybe Y2J Angle, the others I've either seen fight each other too many times, or don't want to(Hogan).


World WRESTLING Federation, god it's like watching Sunset Beach

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then don't fricking watch then i'm getting fed up of all the slagging the wwf is getting here.


If you don't wanna see these guys then why don't you go out and PAY for some tapes of puro i'm sure simania could do you a good deal, but if you don't want to then shut your mouth or come up with something better.

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probably not the right place to be arguing but...........................


no i've never bought t-shirts, but i have bought videos and video games, and watched their programs.


they owe me nothing, but in the same way you might tell me you thought the last england game was awful, or that you don't like the direction they're taking eastenders in at the moment, i can do the same about the wwf

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i think im actually gonna comply with the thread instructions for the storylines so here goes.....


As steph is pregnant, she goes into labour 6 months too early but at the hospital, HHH is attacked by the NWO. Steph has the baby and is suprised to see that it has long blond hair with red tips. Steph then sees Jericho in the doorway and jericho tells her that he drugged her and made sweet, sweet love to her without protection. The rock comes in and says he did the same. Then the NWO, Austin and Angle come in and say excactly the same. As HHH returns, he states that he cannot believe that steph had sex with these other men without telling him first so he could go back to chyna. Suddenly, as the men ponder over whos the father, Vince walks in and says HE'S the father. As everyone throws up in a near-by bucket, Vince laughs manically as steph kills herself. HHH then kills himself and vince kills HIMSELF. The others leave the hospital and get some pizza, then Smackdown ends. Perfect.

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So we should have to put up with all the crap that the WWF produces sometimes? We are supposed to be happy with some like a bloody "posedown competition", wastin valuable Wrestling time, or a backstage bit with Vince McMahon talking crap to himself in a mirror? NO. We are wrestling fans, we'll cheer what we like, we'll praise who we want, and we'll criticise what we see fit to. Nobody said that just because you dont like ONE ANGLE at the moment, that you shouldnt watch the WWF shows. What bs. Think about what your sayin eh.


Anyway, a good way to continue from the Stephanie angle is that nothing happens for a while, and that she goes away from the business for a bit (and gets off our TVs) as would be safe to realistically. Yadda Yadda Yadda, maybe 6 man Tag or similar matches involving the main eventers at the end of the next Raws and Smackdowns teasing the big matches like Rock V Taker....No Way Out then Taker beats Rock by cheating, leading their feud onto a big Stipulation match at Wrestlemania, Austin beats Jericho with the help of Ric Flair, and in the match between HHH and Angle, the NWO get involved and disrupt the match, leading to a big tournament for the WWF title at Wrestlemania by the demand of Vince McMahon, Wrestlemania 4 stylee with all the big names in it. Now that would be great.


A bit long but would be nice.

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