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Guest Mic78


I am selling my entire tape collection as I am in the process of recording them to DVD and need some extra money to buy blank DVDs! However as I have over 200 tapes this won't be done over night. I hope to have a weekly email list sent out with new tapes each week. If you would like to be added to my email list just let me know.


All tapes are recording from SKY (WWF, for example) or tapes I have bought from tape traders over the years (such as Rob Butcher, Glen Radford and Simania)


I am selling 4 tapes for £15.


The following are a list of tapes I have recorded so far:



Wreslemania 9

· Wrestlemania 10 and Starrcade 1993 (taped from DSF in German)

· Wrestlemania 11 and Royal Rumble 1995 (LP)

· King Of The Ring 1993

· Royal Rumble 1991

· Royal Rumble 1993

· Summerslam 1992

· Summerslam 1993

· Survivor Series 1991

· Survivor Series 1992




· Great American Bash 1989 (Funk v Flair)

· Halloween Havoc 1989

· Great American Bash 1996

· Clash of Champions XIX (1992 NWA Tag Tournament) & 1 hour of Clash of Champions XX




· AJPW Real World Tag Leagues 1989-1991

· Osaka Pro Digest Vol 16 & Saturday night story (5 hours LP)

· Super J Cup (1994)




· AAA When Worlds Collide PPV

· APW King of The Indies 2001 (TWO TAPES)

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