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*** WWE Backlash 2004 PPV Discussion Thread ***


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It’s the event after Wrestlemania, brought to you by the Raw brand....


PPV Quiz and Chat


As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night. Head over to the TWO chatroom at 8.00pm to enter our highly popular quiz, with your host Chris2k. Then from 9pm until 1am, why not stay along for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier.


WWE Backlash 2004 Quiz and Chat

Sunday, April 18th

(UK Times)


Quiz: 8.00 - 9.00pm

Chat: 9pm - 1am


For more info see:



PPV Prediction League


Post your predictions below – anyone can enter!





* World Heavyweight Championship

Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H


* Intercontinental Championship

Cactus Jack vs. Randy Orton


* Women's Championship

Lita vs. Victoria


* Chris Jericho vs. Christian & Trish Stratus


* Edge vs. Kane


* Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair


* Tajiri vs. Jonathan Coachman


How to order the PPV




World Wrestling Entertainment Presents Backlash Sunday 18th April at 1:00 AM GMT, live and only on pay-per-view exclusively on Setanta Sport

Channel 435!


All the Backlash excitement starts off with a one-hour preview show beginning at 12 midnight. Please note that Sunday 18th April 12 midnight means late night on Sunday, early morning Monday. Setanta Sport, which is available on Sky digital (Channel 435), NTL and Telewest, will also air repeat showings of the event beginning Monday 19th April at 4.00pm and again at 7.00pm.


Sky, NTL and Telewest digital homes can book BACKLASH from Setanta Sport via their remote control or by calling the following numbers:


Sky: Go to - Setanta Sport Ch. 435 or call: 08708 500 005


NTL: Go to - TV ON DEMAND / NTL Ireland call: 1 800 234 234


Telewest: Go to - TV ON DEMAND




See: WWE.com - Backlash



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Can't say it's the best Backlash line-up I've ever seen but I had to expect it because of it being a Raw exclusive PPV.


The matches I most look forward to are shelton vs Ric, Foley vs. Orton (this should make orton even bigger than he already is, hopefully), and the final encounter triple threat match.


Don't know about the Y2J vs Trish and CLB, it might have been a good match if trish wasn't in it as I think these two had arguably the overall best match at wrestlemania. Kane vs Edge isn't the best match I could think of to bring edge back, but I guess I'll have to judge for myself.

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I can't see how WWE expect people to pay again for a Main event match they saw at the last PPV. Also there's no real other 'main' match on the card. Edge vs Kane was looking good until Edge hurt his hand.


I can't see any justification for parting ways with 15 big ones for a PPV with this line up.

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Guest V1nesh
Chris Benoit will defininitly come out top at Backlash as Triple H is taking a short break in the next few weeks and Shawn Michaels i believe is unlikely for a win. I am sure Edge will defeat Kane, Lita will win the Womens Championship, The Coach will defeat Tajiri in a surprise ending and i think Randy Orton will beat Mick Foley because WWE are making it out as if Randy has no cahnce and i can't imagine Mick Foley being Intercontinental Champ again. I think Jericho will win against Christian and Trish as he lost to Christian at Wrestlemania and i think that Ric Flair will defeat Shelton Benjamin because it will imply that Triple H cant beat Shelton though Flair can and start a thing saying Flair is better! So i think the only title change will be the Women's Championship. I don't think Stone Cold will be there either but maybe Grandmaster Sexay could make his first PPV appearance in nearly 3 years!
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Benoit to keep the title

Edge to beat Kane

Victoria to beat Lita

Flair to - whooo! - beat Shelton, by cheating

Orton to beat Foley

Y2J to beat Christian and Trish

Coach to beat Tajiri by DQ after Tajiri spits green mist at Coach

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The quiz & chat would be at 4am over here in perth.


But back to business(However it's spelt) I'm dissapointed with this card, no tag team action, come to think of it there are no tag teams on raw(Well 3)


Benoit will win the final encounter, it seems like they were gonna do something different for the main event, but then could not do it so we get to see the main event of the greatest wrestling event ever, somewhere else.

I reckon Mick... i mean Cactus will beat Randy, then he'll vacate the title and have a tournament for it, hopefully Shelton would win it.


Edge & Kane, Edge will find a way, i expect Johnny Nitro or/both Bishoff will interfere.


Lita to beat Victoria.


Jehrico v Christian & Trish, i don't really care, don't like the CLB or Y2J.


Flair & Shelton will be another good match ruined by Batista, Flair by cheating.


Tajiri v Coach, all PPV's need a toilet break;

Armagedon: Molly v Ivory

Royal Rumble: Brock v Hardcore

No Way Out: Rhyno v Hardcore(2 ppv's in a row for Hardcore)

Wrestlemania: Playboy match(Disapointing) Brock v Goldberg(disapointing)

Big ppv's like Wrestlemania need 2 toilet breaks cos it's long.


BAck to the actual subject coach doesn't deserve to be on ppv's, but Tajiri-san will somehow lose.

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I think that Benoit will win the triple threat. Which in my opinion is absoloutly boring but he'll probably win with the "amazing" (sarcasm oozing) Crossface.

edge should beat Kane because with all the build up it would seem pointless for him to lose. Althopugh it happend to the Rock 'n' Sock connection at WMXX.

I think Tajiri will do the mist thing to defeat Coach and the same will happen in the Ric Flair match.... no doubt Evoloution having a little play....

In the match that plays Y2J against Trish and Christian i can see Y"J pulling the walls on Miss Stratus (can't wait to see it if it happens!)

When Lita meets Victoria for the womens championship i can see her capturing the gold again, ( ithink she's had it before hasn't she?)

And finally in the match i most want to see between Orton and Foley i can reluctantly see Orton winning, i can see it being cheap though.

What's all this abut Grand Master Sexay making a PPV appearance?

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the pay per view doesnt look too bad, my only beef, coach is on the card, and no mattitude, hurricane, or lance storm??? give me a break!!! and i know flair is a legend, but im honestly sick of seeing him wrestle, hes great at being the manager u love to hate!


i can see orton losing the title like someone said, and then a tournament be held, as he may be ready for a world title run in triple h s absence.


benoit will keep his title, and hbk has nothing to do but turn heel


since y2j lost his third wrestle mania match in a row, i see him picking up the win


edge over kane ( poor kane)

tajiri over coach (joke of a match)

victoria over lita (lita s been sloppy in the ring lately)

shelton over flair (i hope)

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Backlash....Your verdict on the outcome


Just finnished watching backlash, not exactly amazing stuff, but gotta say I did like the Cactus Jack VS Randy Orton match. (Awsome!!!!) It was a great match and by far the best of the night. It did annoy me however that Foley lost to Orten yet again. (Oh how tired that is getting.) I felt kinda cheated by Foleys loss, just like I did when he lost to trips, and then in that triple threat match a few years back. But I suppose at the end of the day Foley is doing his bit by helping to put people over. But you gotta think that if he does it much more he's gonna become more of a joke than anything else. It was still a great match when all is said and done. (At least it wasnt a squash match.)

One of the worst matches had to be Kane VS Edge. Now this was a pointless match right from the start, and proved to be just as pointless on the night. Kane put in a worthy showing, but Edge!!!! Edge put on one of the poorest performances I have ever seen him do!!!! (Maybe the steroids he's doubtless been taking have had a "big poppa pump" effect on him....-Ie: made him useless.)

And as for the final match, well I really wasnt looking forward to this, considering that it was just a re-hash of Wrestlemania, (A match that they have the nerve to call the greatest match in wrestlmania history!!!) and to be honest I didnt pay it much attention. Infact I paid more attention to the girly in the black strappy top who was in the audience. (far more entertaining, and she wasnt even that good looking!!!) But to be fair what I did see of the match was ok.

PS: two of my mates actually fell asleep during the last match, and they seemed releaved when they awakened to find the match over. :(

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I am very glad Orton went over. What good would it have done for Foley to go over Orton? Orton is getting a push, he is making the IC title mean something again, and Foley is a part timer who has already had his time in the spotlight.

I'm sure if Hogan came back and beat Orton, people would be going crazy! It made perfect sense for Orton to go over and Foley knows it, thats why he did business. He made Orton a star last night, much the same was he did for HHH back in early 2000. Same with Flair and Shelton. It wouldnt help Flairs career to go over and it would hurt Shelton if he had lost, I'm glad the right people won last night. Good PPV.

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does anyone know how long cactus or mick will stay and waht name he will use. orton should have 2 more fueds before he drops the legend killer fueds not the gimminck just the fueds. in my ideal world i would like to see orton ultimate warrior (if he can still wrestle) and orton-hogan and then a switch to SD! with flair to become WWE champ
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does anyone know how long cactus or mick will stay and waht name he will use. orton should have 2 more fueds before he drops the legend killer fueds not the gimminck just the fueds. in my ideal world i would like to see orton ultimate warrior (if he can still wrestle) and orton-hogan and then a switch to SD! with flair to become WWE champ


I have heard Mick is done again now for a while. Ultimate Warrior is still able to work, but you will never see him work for Vince again, ever. You probably will never see him work again anywhere. He has moved on.

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OMG, i didn't see it, I wasn't allowed :(


That sucked more than anything, i'm stoked Benoit won again, all you HHH fans can shut up now. Glad Edge beat Kane, but, I was disappointed with the fact that the "hardcore legend", Cactus Jack, couldn't beat a punk like Randy Orton. What happened Mick?

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And what about the Women's title? I predicted Victoria to win but was annoyed when on Heat (before Backlash) Victoria was in a non-title match vs Jazz!! Victoria won but got an ass-kicking.


They've got to start a Victoria vs Jazz feud.



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Killing Cactus Jack!


Why must they continue to murder Mick Foley?

99.9% of the fans want him to beat Ortons brains out. So why do they make him lose?

If they think that the more Orton wins the mor i'llrespect him then they are sorely mistaken.

Foley must win!!!


Orton a good entertainer... :lol :lol :lol

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