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Road Warriors Interview.


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Just watched the Road Warriors interview and couldn't do anything but laugh. I hate to speak ill of the dead but Hawk came across as a bit of an asshole.

The guy could'nt say a sentence without having an outburst towards Vince. And the longest period of the interview was that he didnt bash Vince was spent ranting on about Savage, where i had to laugh as he kept restructuring his sentences so that it didnt look as if he got his ass kicked by Randy. Dont people always say that the real tough guys dont feel the need to prove it?


I also got the picture that when Hawk was ranting on about Vince, Animal didnt seem to agree. There was a point in the interview where Hawk said "i'll never work for the WWF again and Animal wont will ya" to which animal answered by completely changing the subject.


Quite ironic when Hawk said that he hoped he would out live Vince McMahon so he could go to conneticut and do 'bad things'.

Well that didnt work out did it Hawk.

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To be fair LOD did come across quite stupid in their interview, with no actual concept of logic, like how they were saying they still got a big ovation when they came out. Course u wud, then once u wrestle, and come out again no one will care.....which they didnt. They just seemed very bitter and petty. And ironically enough they did wrestle for WWE again. Hehe funny old sport wrestling.
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Another good interview there... really enjoyed it.


A couple of things though... I wish Hawk wasn't constantly trying to clear his throat throughout that interview. Absolutely disgusting! And when they called the interviewer 'Rob' it kinda confirmed it for me that it was indeed Rob Feinstein doing the interviews... was never really sure it was actually him beforehand. Ewww. Also loved the low budgetness when Animal went to answer the phone during it.


As for what they were saying... well, what can be said? Vince is the most evil man alive! Great stuff, and after hearing how he treated them I can see where they were coming from. That HHH and HBK v LOD match on the Monday Night Wars DVD is a good example of what they were doing to them come to think of it. I can't honestly think of any good reason that match was on the DVD you know... would it be too ridiculous to suggest it was to get at the Warriors, having people see them get humiliated like that on a major DVD?


One thing though... when the LOD came back on an episode of Raw what, one/two years ago (I missed it unfortunately and only heard about it), what was the point? Considering what they were saying there about how they would never work for Vince again.... how the hell did they end up coming back? And how come it was for only one show?


I just found it surprising after hearing what they were saying that they actually came back in the end. I have to say I've always respected the LOD, and after seeing them there they both seem like really sound guys, if perhaps a tad angry.

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