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Extreme Warfare


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Ooh, first time I've started a new thread, I'm all excited.


Wasn't sure whether to post this here as I suppose it's kinda an advert, but seeing as I don't even know the guy who created it, and it's free didn't think it'd do any harm.


Anyone played Extreme Warfare Deluxe? Game I found on the net recently, great fun and much better than the earlier versions is you're into this sort of thing. Basically you take control of WWF, WCW, ECW, or any other fed you want to put into the game. You take charge of the active as well as developmental rosters, promotion, staff, finances, pushing stars etc. Idea is to make your promotion the best. For freeware it really is a vast and highly entertaining game. See what ya think, if it's not your thing I apologise whole heartedly for wasting ya time, yeah right.


Well you can download it here http://members.lycos.co.uk/adamjennings/ewseries.htm


Anyone who does have a look, let me know what ya think. Also does anyone know anything about a game called Promotion Wars, ie. is it any good, where can I download it.

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About PW2...


The game was due out in the summer. But Adam Jennings couldn't get it ready by then. To be honest, he shouldn't have set a deadline for himself.


Now he's gone back to work on his Champ Man rip off. PW2 will be the last in the series, and won't have the same impact as other versions, as a WWF Vs WCW game doesn't appeal to me. Although, the idea of starting your own promotion will make me download it.


EWD is far too DOS-y to me. I know a lot of people prefer it, but PW1 is the game for me.

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Guest SteveAustin3:16
:xyx Extreme Warfare is a great game.I would extremely reccommend it if u like Wrestling Fed Managers.Also check out Zues Pro all u e fed owners!!:roll :tony
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