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Collision Course - Full Card Inside!!


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Haden Hill Leisure Centre

Barrs Road, Halesowen

Saturday April 17th 2004


Main Event -

Laken Xander vs Jonny Storm

Last month at Baggeridge, Laken made it through to the final of the FCW Heavyweight Title Tournament. A win here against The Wonderkid will do wonders for his confidence. Unfortunately, Storm is no stepping stone and he'll be looking to get a win here and possibly get himself a shot at the eventual Champion.


3 Way Dance -

Kevin O’Neil vs Morales vs Rob Hunter

Last time FCW ventured into Haden Hill, Morales and Hunter took part in the No Holds Barred Main Event. Rob demanded a rematch, but also insisted that it be a 3 Way with his fellow 4Play member Kevin O'Neil.


The Judge/Marc Hogan vs Spud/BB Steele

A real "David and Goliath" tag team match here. Judge and Hogan weigh in at well over 30 stone and will hold at least a 10 stone weight advantage over their opponents. Spud and Steele will have to use all their high flying expertise if they are to win here.


A-Star Athlete vs Dragon Phoenix

"The Man That Always Comes First" takes on the master of the 450 Splash in a technical vs highflying encounter. Can A-Star keep The Phoenix grounded long enough to get the 1-2-3.


2 on 1 Handicap Match

GBH vs Devils Advocate (Bouncer and Damien Grant)

The British Connection have found themselves on the worng end of various 3 on 2 matches in the last few months. Suprisingly the Great British Hero asked FCW officials for this match, and they agreed.


Jack Storm vs Celt Kennedy

The other finalist in the tournament Celt Kennedy takes on a man who he knows very well. On March 13th, these 2 had a heated match in Manchester, Celts hometown. In Celts eyes he is already the FCW Champion, but that cockiness may be his undoing. This could be Jack's Day.

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Got back an hour ago, great show, I really enjoyed it :)


Maybe someone recognises me, I was the dude in the black jacket and a lost prophets t-shirt underneath (not that visible), uhh I wore jeans.. my girlfriend wore a bright pink top if that helped, and we sat right infront of the wrestlers entrance way.


I loved seeing Spud, Celt and Jonny, my three favourite British wrestlers :D

Jody Fleisch, Rob Hunter and Kevin O'Neil all follow :) but Jonny's moves were so sick! The one hurrancanrana he did off the turn turnbuckle on Laken Xander was amazing...


I shouted Celt but he ignored me :'( BUT MAN CAN THAT WHITE BOY DANCE!

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