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IWF Promotional video 1,

right click, and 'save as'.



***if that link doesn't work try this one. right click 'save as'***



the video is only 35 sec long, and was intended to be only a sampler.


if the vid gets a good response then i'll post more in the near future.

*IWF High Flyers

*IWF Consett

*IWF Bensham Festival

*IWF Castle Town


feedback welcome.


Youngsta IWF.

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if it won't let you download you might have to wait a while.


the server that i'm using at the moment is pretty bad. it'll only allow a certian amount of downloads per hour.



my appologies for this i'll try and get a better server asap!



***if anyone has downloaded it can you pls post and let me know. thanks!


Youngsta IWF

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