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Commentators/ Duos or Trios?


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I was just watching a few old ppv's and I couldn't get over how much King hasn't changed and how I really hope he leaves ASAP.


But what I'm thinking is, should they get rid of King or should they Bring in Coach to make a Trio like they do the odd time on Raw.


Also if you could make your selection for !one! commentating table (duo or trio) of todays talent who would it be?


For me that would have to be a Trio of J.R., Michael Cole and Coach.

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Personally, I'm sick to death of Lawler commentating on Raw.

This is all he seems to say



and of course he does laugh quite a lot

and thats it, JR is fantastic, the way he calls the matches, moves angles and covers well for mistakes the wrestlers might make. He knows whats going on. Lawler will just disagree with whatever JR says.

I prefer the Coach. He calls the moves is actually quite funny.

Watch the extra match on Foley's new DVD. Both the Coach and Foley do their own commentry and its so funny - Coach's sense of humour. So is Kevin Kelly.

On Foley's 1st DVD they showed the awful Kennel From Hell match between Boss Man and Al Snow, Kelly and Foley commentated during the match and were overly dramatic because they were basically verbally destroying the match.

I doubt that sense of humour would go down well though during a live broadcast.

It would kill the element of the performance looking real.

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I think a trio of announcers is better than a duo. I personally enjoy the variety provivded by three different "opinions and views" even if they are worked most of the time. In a duo, both guys need to work extremly well not to bore the veiwers, but Lawler has gone and done it. The only way to keep lawler in there and keep the fans enjoying it would be to add a third guy, someone like the Coach. When he joined JR and the King for those two weeks it was like a breath of fresh air. There was obvious chemistry there and it was just too bad that the WWE didnt keep him there.
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I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to commentary. It has to be a play-by-play and a colour commentator duoship.


JR and King, and Cole and Tazz are both doing fine IMO and I wouldn't change them. I've never really analysed Coach and Snow so have no concrete opinions on them.


What I will say is that Coach has never impressed me with his commentry, ever, when he's been in a trio or doubling with JR.



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