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Why Spanky left WWE


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From http://www.liveaudiowrestling.com/WO


'He was asked about working in Japan, and even though his dream was to be in the WWF, the problem was that he was being told to hold things back because of the effect on the other matches in the card. In Japan it does not matter how long they want him to wrestle, they go all out. There is more artistic freedom in Japan.




Brian was then asked about his decision to leave WWE, and the reaction from other wrestlers to his decision to leave. Some of the wrestlers who have not had a chance at the WWE wondered why he left. Brian got into wrestling because he thought it would be fun, but it became too much of a job, with no freedoms. He understands the way that the WWE is run. He has gotten a lot of credit from the people he has talked to who are still in the WWE.



This was a decision that he made after six months because he was going out there to do what the agents wanted him to do. Brian went to Vince to tell him that he needed to move on. After probably asking Jim Ross to find out who he was, Vince told him to talk to Jim Ross and Johnny Ace. Brian feels that he can go to Japan for a few years, and still be young enough to come back.


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