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Would You Rather....


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Ok heres a game that im sure most people have played before. its stupid but quite fun!


ok rules are simple the poster asks a question with two possible answers for example



would you rather....eat cat food or dog food?




Would you rather....be deaf or blind?


Just dumb questions nothing too serious.


then the next person to answer it makes their choice and gives a reason why. they then get to post a question.



ok everyone clear?


right to start us off



Would You Rather.....Have a leg bitten off or an arm?


post away folks!


ps. i didnt think this contravened any rules of the forum but lets be careful with the questions peeps!

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ummm id rather die - cant ever imagine killing somone.


would you rather...find true love knowing theyd die in 6 months or never find true love at all?


oh and draven i reckon that the word association was the worse excuse for spam ever - at least this one needs more than one word in a post

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I would rather be deaf than blind. At least with the music I listen to I'm going to be deaf by the time I'm 30 anyway.


so, I've got a sick one for you, would you rather eat shit that tastes like chocolate, or chocolate that tastes like shit? :sick

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erm....yes some people do...oh wait that wasn't the last question. Erm...I'd rather sleep with a woman with a penis cause I assume they look like miram and have big mamba jambas :D

anyway my question


A servant of God with holy powers of good




A servant of the Devil with dark powers of evil

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