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Confidential To Be Axed

Dead Crow

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From ClassicsGuy at UKFF:


Dave Meltzer reports in this week's Observer newsletter that Gene Okerlund has been told that Confidential is being axed. Okerlund is being kept on for another role, said to be involved with the WWE 24/7 channel, introducing the old footage.


No word yet on the exact date of the last Confidential show, or what will replace it (Meltz acknowledges that the ECW rumours will now start, but he personally can't see it at this point).


In something that may or may not be related to Okerlund's situation, Vince has also been in touch with Bobby Heenan this past week, and Vince has apparently told Heenan that he's going to find a role for him.

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Not too surprising they have cut this off. I watched the Best Of... dvd and thought it was quite good, but after watching it and seeing that it went "behind the scenes" i thought it would have a limited shelf-life. There is only so many things that you can show which will grab the veiwers attention. Most people "suspend reality" when watching WWE programming, and when some marks see that these wrestlers are just average people it may "shatter their illusions". It may be a bit far fetched, but thats my theory. :P
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