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A paid advertisment by Vince McMahon


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Originally posted by Draven

Christ, that was scary. God, i never been so afraid since i saw mae young topless.


Whoa...I think I actually agree with Draven!!


I mean, c'mon, Hogan in a 'lil feather scarf? Wassup wid dat??! Does he not realise he should be sitting in a rocking chair...or possibly making a sequel to Mr. Nanny, I guess they are the same at the end of the day.

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Lol, that's pretty pathetic. Why does Vince have to pay to advertise when he owns "50% of the company"? Makes no sense. Plus, why don't other companies pay to advertise on WWF TV? On second thoughts, scratch that question, lol.


Seriously though. If Flair is meant to be the co-owner shouldn't he have a major say in what makes it onto WWF TV? Surely he could vote against all these NWO ads if he wanted to. Paid advertisement or not, in the storyline Flair has enough control in the company to veto any of Vince's plans.


(This in itself is ridiculous. WWFE has shares floating around on the stock market, therefore making it impossible for Vince and Flair to each own 50% of the company. Sorry, are we supposed to forget that?) :roll

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