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***Official SmackDown Thread - 7th April 2004***


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From wrestlingoberver.com...


Smackdown spoilers from San Antonio


by Nick Warmack


Kid Rock- Lonely Road of Faith video. Crowd popped big for Hogan & Warrior and HUGE for the Road Warriors.




Matt Cappotelli b. Sho Funaki- Very solid opener. Nothing spectacular, but good work by both guys and Matt showed some potential. He got the win the the rollup and then both shook hands and hugged postmatch.


Josh and Bill are out, so here comes...




Doug Basham (w/o Danny) b. Paul London- London was grounded for most of the match, so no spectacular moves. Only thing remotely special was the dropsault. Finish saw Doug his reverse fameasser kinda thing. I was disappointed b/c I was really looking forward to seeing London live.


Nunzio b. Rey, Akio & Kidman in a Fatal 4-Way to become #1 contender for the Cruiserweight Belt. By far best match of the night. Rey came out a pretty big pop. Way too many cool spots to mention with Akio looking very strong. No botched spots although Akio had Kidman on the ropes and hit a WICKED chop to the chest. Then Kidman reversed hit his own that was so weak is was pathetic. Some comedy from Nuzio who snuck in to pin Kidman to the shock and bewilderment of all.


Mr Ass & Hardcore Holly b. Laydown Skeevers & Jobber McGee aka Eddy Craven & Russell Simpson. You're standard match from Billy & Bob. At one point Holly had Crimpson in the corner and hit some chops that paled in comparison to Akio's. Alabama Slam for the win. Afterward both guys went over and talked trash to Josh w/Holly paintbrushing him a little. Then we got to see Bob's ass and Billy do some stripper moves on the ropes. Nobody needed to see that.


Good Velocity. People need to see the 4-Way and I wait with baited breath for DeMott's Turning Point.


Ring change.


Out comes Rue looking hot to sing America the Beautiful. Nice, but no Lillian.


Taz & Mitchell out.


Backstage video with Rue & John Bradshaw Leyfeild for some quick heat. Says he's from Texas, but NYC is his new home. Then he says something that'll for damn sure piss off San Antonians...the Spurs only won the Championship b/c Rick Fox was injured.




Recap of the Angle Great American Award series from last week.


Tonight--RVD/Booker vs Charlie Haas & Big Show.


JBL out in his limo to HYOOGE heat. Same basic thing he's been saying. Talks about his $1000 hat. Offers $1000 to any fan that can wax the hood of his limo in 60 secs. Pulls a fan out the crowd wearing the Scarface/Latino Heat shirt. "Enrique" (Bradshaw says he should change it to Ricky) is almost done with 10 sec to spare when JBL squirts more wax on the hood. Needless to say JBL is not Ted Dibiasse so the money stayed with him.


Dudley Boys b. Scotty/Rikishi (non-title)- I missed alot of this b/c my friend I were debating how to repackage the Worm & the Ass. Scotty goes for the W.O.R.M., D-Von says nope, 3D for the pin, I'm happy. Dudleys look like they want the titles.


Angle with Charlie backstage. I don't remeber much, but I know I enjoyed it.


Chavos Jr & Sr on the big screen for more quick heat. Chavito says the Spurs will lose to the Lakers in the playoffs. Lakers Suck & Go Spurs Go chants insue. I love this town.


Chavo (w/ Sr) b. Jamie Noble. Good match, but quick. Chavo gets the pin using the ropes. I just don't get the Chavo/Nunzio match.


Theodore Long talks to Shannon Moore, Orlando Jordan & Spike in the back. Says he wants to rep somebody with the body of a guy like OJ...Playa's Card. The face of Shannon...Playa's card. And the complete opposite of Spike. This leads to Spike challenging Teddy to a match later.


Booker & RVD talk in the back. RVD says the were RAW tag champs. Wants to know why Booker is acting the way he is. Booker says this is the SMACKDOWN Booker, not the RAW Booker. RVD says they can still be best buddies and can win the SD Tag Titles. Booker say aight, but I somehow don't believe him.


John Cena b. Danny Basham (w/Doug) non-title. Danny changed his tights since Velocity and now he and his brother are wearing purple velvet looking ones. Cena comes out the by far the biggest pop of the night in a George Gervin throwback. Damn good rap tonight. Solid match. My friend and argued through it what kind of man you have to be to wear purple velvet tights. Bashams tried to pull a switch, but Cena had none of it. FU for the pin.


Haas/Show b. Basically just RVD, but Booker was there. Rob worked the entire match as Booker was always away from the corner so tag could be made. Book eventually just said enough of this and headed up the ramp motioning for Rob to follow. Rob stayed. Haas was in most of time. Show came in to choke slam RVD and Charlie got the pin. In a "moments ago" moment, Booker came back down to the ring, looked at Rob & left again. Rob looked pissed.


T-Shirt guy is out. Big pop when the crowd thinks he is shooting Cena baseball tees. Heat when they realize they're getting Brock leftovers.


RVD is bacstage with Kurt. Kurt denies knowing anything about Booker's unscupulous plan. Says we'll get Booker vs RVD next week.


Rene Dupre (w/Fifi) b. Orlando "No offense" Jordan- Some heat for Rene and "The Dance".


Kurt is backstage preparing the trophy for the ceremony when Eddy comes in. Some very funny stuff here ending with Kurt giving Eddy the night off and to "Get out of my office, get out of the building, get out of the city". Crowd was not happy.


Teddy Long (in sparring gear) is out to face Spike (with no shirt). Teddy says Spike needs a warmup. Out comes the Bull. Beats on Spike for a while. At one point I swear he trhew him 15 feet in the air to then slam him down on the mat. Of course Spike takes a licking and then hits the Acid Drop for the pin. Mark Jindrak runs in and massacres Spike with his new finisher. Teddy lays a couple of boots to Spike and then jumps in Jindrak's arms. I guess he's the new member of the Playa's Club.


Ring crew out with the red carpet and trophy under a veil for the Award Ceremony.


Angle out. YOU SUCK!, then WHAT?!s galore (Damn you Steve Austin). Cena out to another huge pop. Haas out. Booker out to many boos. Show out. JBL out to much less heat than before. Kurt announces that Cena won the audience poll (on the creen the showed him with like 200,000+ more votes than anybody else) and so he is the...JBL say wait. He shows a video from last night of him at "the border". Talks about illegal Mexicans coming into the US and tuining the economy, healthcare, the welfare system & taxes for all of us hardworking Americans. He says he'll put a stop to. He shines a light on a bunch of "illegal" immigrants (including Rudy Boy Gonzales) and "chases" them back to Mexico. Kurt loves this and awards the trophy & #1 contendership to JBL. He thens unveils the trophy to reveal that Eddy has stolen the trophy and replaced it with a trophy of his own design with a picture of himself...good stuff. Angle & John call out Eddy, knowing of course that he didn't leave. Eddy comes out in a lowider with the trophy on its hood. Big pop, but not as big as Cena's whcih surprised me. He walks to the ring and threatens to smash the trophy on JBL's limo. Angle says if he does that he'll be stripped of the title. He gets in the ring, talks a little, breaks one of the wings off the eagle, hits JBL in the gut with trophy & then clears the ring of both guys. He gets a chair from the timekeeper's table and threatens to smash the trophy with it. Kurt tells him he better not, but of course he does. I think this is were the show will end. Kurt goes to the back, Bradshaw takes of his coat and he & Eddy have a small in the ring. Eddy kicks him out, then chases him to the back. 10 seconds later Booker back out and heads to the ring with Brian Hebner. He talks about all his championships (which are pretty damn impressive) and talks about being desrespected by all the SD guys when he arrived. He calls out any SD guy. I'd read about all the house shows, but I'd never seen the Undertaker live so what happened next was pretty awesome. 'Taker comes out with a loooooooong PPV style entrance. Once in the ring Booker talks trash for a few minutes. Then he hits Taker with 6 punches, Taker goes for the Chokeslam, Booker kicks him to get out of it, runs at Taker, Tombstone for the 1-2-3. Crowd went home failry happy.


Sorry for the long report, but I think that was all of it. Overall a good show that I think should holdup on TV thursday.


Biggest Pops-



Eddy (fairly close second)


T-Shirt Guy


Most Heat-



T-Shirt Guy after the Brock shirts were discovered

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I'm glad to see the absent undertaker make a return, but will this be a steady return, or just a "show up every couple weeks" return. But as for bradshaw being No 1 contender, why do smackdown even try to pull themselves out of this slump, if they go and do something like THIS? John Bradshw(laifield, whatever) is absolutley NOT A PPV DRAW. Hes barely even a smackdown draw. WHY IS HE GETTING A TITLE SHOT?! Now, if he would change this whole laifield gimmick and go back to bradshaw, him being on the PPV card might be... no I take that back , I still don't want to see bradshaw on the main event with his any of his gimmicks. Now if he were to find a gimmick of a decent caliber, I wouldn't be as angered. I cannot strain this enough, GIVE THE SHOT TO JOHN CENA. If not then to booker T, or RVD, or Big Show, ANYBODY BUT JOHN BRADSHAW(laifield, whatever).
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John Bradshaw(laifield, whatever) NO. 1 contender?


does smackdown enjoy bad ratings? do they think that they John Bradshaw(laifield, whatever) is what they need to pull themselves out of this current slump? I liked theAPA, bradshaw was acually a decent talent, face or heel. I don't like watching bradshaw laifield as anything that has something to do with wrestling. I think Bradshaw should leave this whole"lafield"thing and run as far away from it as possible. I don't care about Bradshaw getting a title show,i'd rather see RVD, but just not John Bradshaw Lafield. where did they get the idea for a PPV card with Bradshaw in the main event anyway?BRADSHAW?! where did this come from? I mean,(in a sarcastic tone) why not give a title shot to Akio, HUH, why not Akio? Or, Or Sakoda? HUh, why not Sakoda, or why not Rico? You wanna know why? Because they are not main eventers. you know who fits in that category? BRADSHAW LAIFIELD. LAIFIELD HAS NO CHARISMA!! Come on say it with me CHA-RIS-MA.

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smackdown is soooo boring lately...i tape it each week and it takes me forever to get through the show


its not so much bad, as just completely dull and void of anything captivating...aside from eddie and cena, who bring a ton of energy to the show, nothing is interesting me


there are so many stale acts there, and if its even possible i think the cruiserweight division has become even more abused


remember the days of the smackdown 6, when heyman was booking...how i long for those days of smackdown

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No Taker again...


:roll Another boring Smackdown! apart from a few segments/matches.


Lucky I recorded it because I was able to fast forward the FIRST JBL segment. My sister said she timed it and it was about 20 minutes long. God help the Smackdown! writers and the live crowd. (and ofcourse, anyone watching Smackdown! without being able to fast forward it :D)

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Tazzy I hear ya, back then I found myself in real anticipation of the next episode... whereas it's more of a chore to watch it these days :(


I agree though that Bradshaw pulls off a decent job as a heel, but at the same time it's nowhere near anything that makes me go 'this guy just HAS to have a title shot!'


Are the WWE actually aiming to have SD as the 'B' brand or something?

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