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**Spirited Away DVD Review**


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**Spirited Away DVD Review**


Am i back? Maybe i'm am, maybe not...depends If i can get some free time away from Sonia Jackson (erm...we want to attract the audience not scare them)


Dammit, had I brought this from HMV I would have gotten myself 4 postcard art of the film and a sleeve thingie. But no! I had to buy it from silvervision because I was so dense to notice the offer from HMV. Well enough of my common moaning, time to get busy with the review of the film.


The story behind Spirited Away is that Chihiro and her parents our on their way to their new house when her dad accidentally takes a detour (Just like real life). They come across a tunnel and at the end they see what looks like an abandoned theme park. After some exploring they end up trapped there. Chihiro’s parents get turned to pigs for their greed and Chihiro is forced to find some way of escaping.


First off, the thing that will get your attention is look of the animation. It’s just amazing. Jaw-dropping even. Credit to the artists, as they have managed to bring this film to life, with vibrant colours, beautiful frame animation and excellently designed locations. Hell some parts even give the false sense of being 3D. Also the characters (especially the spirits) are very imaginative (as well as the other characters) and at times, amusing (the great radish spirit just brought a smile to my face).

As for the dubbing, it’s been done well here. I must admit I wasn’t paying to much attention to see if each word met the timing of every character’s mouth movement. But the fact I didn’t notice anything wrong means that they did, at least, a good enough job.

The music nicely suits the film as it helps add that mystical, fantasy sense to the film.


Now onto the film it’s self. Straight away I was floored by the beautiful quality of the animation (as stated earlier) and thankfully that’s not it’s only good point. This is really a film that adults and children can enjoy as adults will love the way the story is told and appreciate the art of it and children will awe at it while getting a good laugh at a majority of the scenes. The main character, Chihiro is well represented as she isn’t your typical obnoxious, uber-brave girl. Instead she’s quite the opposite who gradually overcomes her fears. The other characters are likeable and you may even care for at least one of them, given the chance. Like no-face (who admittedly looks like a depressed cult member) who you’ll probably go “awwww” at because he’s looks sad.

There are some funny scenes (like the lil soot balls...who almost find a way to not work and a massive baby who does a yakuza kick on her mama ). Hell there’s even one scene that made me jump (thanks to me having it on loud). The whole story is nicely told as while it’s not too deep, it’s not some thing that has the depth of your average manga. Even though the theme is something I usually shy away from, it’s not known till near the end and by then I was enjoying it too much to be bothered. Clearly, the film deserves every award and acclaims it got.


In a nutshell, it’s beautiful, captivating, something everyone at almost any age can enjoy and one of the best manga films made. So part with your money and spirit away with your copy….look it’s late, let’s just call it a day ¬_¬


Story- 4/5


Animation- 5/5

Extras - Not reveiewed yet

Overall - 5/5

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