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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue #56 (Column: Benoit)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue #56 - 04th April 2004



Hey all,


Welcome to edition 56 of the TWO Newsletter! It's been a busy week in the wrestling world and we have our writers on board, ready to give you all the news as ever! The usual features are all here so hold onto your hats everybody because the TWO Newsletter is here once again.



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A solid issue. Well done to all!


>Cactus Jack


Quality issue yet again, and thanks guys for making me the First TWO Member Of The Week.




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The Week in History



20 years ago this week - Ken Patera and Mr. Saito threw a 30-Pound boulder through the window of a McDonald's in Waukesha, Winsconsin when they were refused service after hours.


10 years ago this week -


This is the RAW card from this date 10 years ago:


Earthquake pinned Adam Bomb

Razor Ramon pinned Austin Steele

Rick Martel, Irwin R. Schyster, Jeff Jarrett & The Headshrinkers defeated Thurman "Sparky" Plugg, Tatanka, The 1-2-3 Kid & The Smokin Gunns in a 10-Man Tag-Team Match

Yokozuna pinned Scott Powers


1 year ago this week - "Willie the Worker" who is supposed to be a WWE superstar pens an article which is posted at 1wrestling criticising the direction of the company.



Forum Focus Special



This week Dan (QuizMaster) asked TWO members what they thought of job cuts that the WWE made this week. Terri Runnels and Sean O'Haire were the ones who were cut.


"Guess they've run out of office staff to fire." - Rikidozan, the WWE #1 fan!


"I hope TNA picks him up and he becomes the star he should be." - draVen, just right after unleashing a furious outburst towards the WWE.


"Can't say I'm too surprised by either. Neither seems to have been doing much recently, and being honest I think Sean O Haire is over-rated anyway" - Andy, who must be trying to anger draVen. :)


"I'm with you on this one Andy. I have never been a fan of O'Haire. He is fairly talented, but extremely boring at the same time. You can be the best wrestler or in-ring performer in the World, but if your not entertaining, you may as well not bother the majority of the time." - Andy has an ally in WWFBeltMark.


"Sean O'Haire is a fantastic athlete who really should be filling up highlight reels all over. This is a surprise, especially as there are other guys on the roster who deserve to be cut, but won't because they have been there for so long. As Dra said I hope he gets into TNA soon and starts to run wild." - AlanJP agrees with draVen



Forum Threads of the Week





Jack Bibby created a thread in the US Forum asking the fine folk of TWO who they preferred, Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold Steve Austin. Threads like these are always popular like for example the Benoit-Angle thread that won this award a few weeks ago. This topic received many interesting and in-depth replies which made for a great read. At the time of press, Stone Cold was leading 14-6. Congratulations to Jack Bibby on winning thread of the week!


HULK HOGAN OR STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN? - http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11355 - Jack Bibby





Arsenal and Man United faced each other in the Premiership last Sunday and it ended 1-1. It was match that had many talking points just like the first clash these two teams had earlier on in the season, and the TWO members discussed every point that could have been made. Then, the two teams clashed again in the FA Cup Semi Final on Saturday which was another eventful game, and that lead to more discussion! It is a great thread so well done to the creator, KJ!


ARSENAL v MAN UTD - http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11254 - KJ



TWO Member of the Week



Who is this week's TWO member of the week?


draVen bags this week's award. He provided some brilliant posts to threads all over TWO this week. Whether it was in the US Forum, General Forum or in the Music Forum, draVen was there and making impressive posts.


Well done to draVen, who is the TWO member of the week!



New at Wrestling 101



Wrestling 101 has some cracking new additions this week.


>UKScene#116 - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/AdamS/324/ - Adam Sibley brings you yet another UKScene column, looking at the FWA's return to action.


>Video Games: April 2004 Update - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/VGArticles/320/ - Russ brings you your monthly plate of wrestling gaming goodness.


>TLW: The Draft - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/TonyC/323/ - Tony Cottam looks at the WWE draft lottery.


> UFC 47: It's On! Predictions - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/JoeR/318/ - Joe Reilly gives us his predictions on the UFC event that took place on the 2nd of April. See if he was correct!


>Little Big Men - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/Cynic/319/ - The Cynic pens another fascinating column.



TWO Backlash Chat



WWE Backlash Quiz and Chat - Sunday 18th April 2004


The Quiz will take place from 8-9pm in the Quiz Room, for more info see the Quiz Page:


http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/wrestling-quiz.php (includes current leaderboard)


This is just the 4th QUIZ of the new season - so it's still a great time to take part..


Anyone can take part in the quiz, you do not need to register, just turn up in the Quiz Room at 8pm (UK Time).


WWE Backlash PPV Chat - The PPV Chat will follow on after the quiz from 9pm to 1am (UK Time).



US News - By HSM



WWE News:


Shelton Benjamin's win over Triple H on RAW last week shocked everyone backstage. Nobody expected Benjamin to get the pin. The win appears to have boosted morale and also seems to have gotten Triple H some respect for "doing the right thing" and putting someone new over.


WWE is relying on the Undertaker to be one of Smackdown's top faces, with Booker T and Bradshaw becoming two top heels. WWE has already started to address what they feel is needed to make them top heels.


Booker T is said to be very happy with his current main event level push on

Smackdown, but is still telling friends that he will retire soon. He has been fighting with back problems for a while now and many believe that once his back starts to bother him heavily again, he will retire.


Ric Flair, Scott Hall, Dustin Runnels (Goldust), and WWE are all being sued for sexual harassment by a flight attendant in Arizona's Maricopa County. The suit claims that the wrestlers displayed "extreme and outrageous behaviour" during a return flight from England on May 5th, 2002. The suit claims that Flair wore only a jewelled cape during the flight, flashed his penis, and forced a flight attendant to touch it. It claims that Hall told a flight attendant to perform oral sex on him and licked the face of another attendant. Finally it claims that Runnels grabbed an attendant and told her they would have sex. The suit also claims that other wrestlers groped attendants during the flight.


Many WWE wrestlers are upset with all the bad press they are getting following the Steve Austin domestic incident last week and the huge sexual harassment suit that was filed against WWE and other wrestlers including Ric Flair this week.

Many are now wondering what negative incident will come next. The general feeling is that the company should be getting good press following a very successful WrestleMania, but all that has been lost. Some are upset that the company continues to focus on Steve Austin and his beer drinking so much despite being involved in two domestic incidents over the last two years. Many also feel that WWE management is looking the other way in a lot of these situations, which is making things worse.


Diamond Dallas Page announced in a message to his mailing list this week that he would be returning to the ring. He has started accepting bookings from

Independent promotions.


Terri Runnels and Sean O'Haire have both been released from their WWE contracts this week. While the release of Terri won't exactly send shockwaves through the industry, many are surprised that O'Haire was released.


Despite at one time running the top wrestling company in the U.S. against Vince

McMahon, Eric Bischoff has not made much of a push to get involved with WWE's creative process. He has floated around a few ideas here and there, but nothing major. The feeling is that he is content with his role as an on-air character and doesn't want to get more involved.


The Big Show has told WWE management that he will continue to work through his many injuries. Show is staying around to help WWE recover from not only the loss of Brock Lesnar, but also Kurt Angle who won't be wrestling for a while.


NWA: TNA News:


The general feeling is that TNA's TV deal with Fox Sports Net will be finalized soon if it hasn't been already. The first show is expected to air in June. TNA management is apparently already saying, "Once we get on Fox Sports Net..." when talking about future plans.


The plan seems to be to drop the weekly PPV's completely once a TV deal is struck. The company would then run one Sunday PPV per month.


Jeff Jarrett is still trying to get Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall to all come in and work for TNA. He has apparently told them that they don't have the money they once had, but that they would be given great merchandise deals.

At this point, Hogan and Nash feel that the show looks minor league.


In results from this weeks PPV:


Lo Ki & Christopher Daniels beat The Naturals

Kid Kash & Dallas beat Slash & Synn

Monty Brown and Sabu fought to a double countout

D Lo Brown & Apollo beat Simon Diamond & Sonny Siaki, Shane Douglas & Micheal Shane and Glen Gilbertti & David Young in a four way match

Frankie Kazarian beat The Amazing Red to capture the vacant X-Division title

Raven won a four way over A J Styles, Abyss and Ron Killings


That's all for this week





UK News - By Goldy



Hello, I'm back with you this week! Many thanks to Pabster for filling in for

me. We have lots of news and results in what has been a hectic week for the UK

Scene, so i'll get straight on with them.


UCW Wrestling - Swindon - 27/03/04

Chaos def The F*** You Crew

American All Star def Ashton Brown

The Saint def Anthrax

Lamia def Justine to win the UCW Womens title

Hubert def Hell's Guardian in a tables match

The Kult retained their tag belts

David Sharp def Van Wikked

Checkmate def Instinct

Gangster def Rampage to retain the UCW Heavyweight Title.


RBW Wrestling - Enfield - 27/3/04

Sammy Rey def 'The Gift' Ross Jordan

JC Thunder & Stixx def Will Assault & Rainz

Jorge Castano def Ethan Hayze

Johnny Kidd def Matt Jarrett.


FWA - Brent - 26/3/04

5 Star Flash def James Tighe

Mark Sloan and Aviv Mayaan was a no contest as Steve Corino ran in!

Jonny Storm def X Dream

Simmons & Birchill def Stevie Knight & Jorge Castano

CM Punk def Raven

Alex Shane def Jack Xavier

The Zebra Kid & Hade Vanson went to a Double DQ

Drew McDonald is new leader of the family.

Doug Williams def Steve Corino 2-1


FWA - Enfield - 27/3/04

Jonny Storm def 5 Star Flash

The Family def Aviv Mayan & Jack Xavier

Nikita def Baxter Burridge

Steve Corino def Mark Sloan

Alex Shane def Ross Jordan

Burchill def Tex Benedict

CM Punk def James Tighe


UWA Wrestling - Ipswich - 20/3/04

The Zebra Kid def Ricky Knight

Paul Tyrell def Jonny Storm

The Flatliner def Steve Morocco

'Flying' Phil Powers def Jake Roberts

New Breed & Erin Angel def UK Pitbulls & Jade.


PWF - Nantwich - 27/3/04

The Pitbulls vs Keith Myatt & Mike Weaver was a no contest

Phil Lea def Ian Wilson 2-1

Kris Kay def Dark Angel 2-1.


PWF - Cheshunt - 28/3/04

Paul Birchall def James Tighe 2-1

Lee Darren def Phil Lea

Phil Powers & Phil Lea def Mighty Ninja & Andy Simmons

Paul Birchall won a Battle Royal.


FCW - Lower Gornal - 28/3/04

Devils Advocate def Jack Storm & Dragon Pheonix

Rob Hunter def A Star Sthlete

Laken Xander def Kev O Neil

The Judge/Falcon/Marc Hogan def The British Connection

Celt Kennedy def Morales

Spud def Majik.


Premier Promotions - Portsmouth - 31/3/04

Phil Powers & Lee Darren def The UK Kid & Kris Kay

Doug Williams def Jonny Storm 2-1

Steve Grey vs Mal Sanders 1-1

Kris Kay won a Battle Royal.


RBW - Nottingham - 3/4/04

Sammy Ray def "The Gift" Ross Jordan and "Silent Riot" Corey Davis

"Rock 'n' Roll Express" Blondie Barratt and Stixx def Will Assault and Rainz

Johnny Kidd def "Misfit" Jorge Castano by DQ

Alan Kilby def Keith Myatt

Will Assault, Rainz, Alan Kilby, Sammy Ray and Johnny Kidd def "The Gift" Ross

Jordan, "Rock 'n' Roll Express" Blondie Barratt, J.C Thunder, Stixx and "Misfit"

Jorge Castano, with Rainz being the sole survivor.


Further details have been confirmed by the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance for their

upcoming Sudbury show. The event will take place on Saturday, April 24th at the

Sudbury Leisure Centre. Already confirmed for the event is The UWA Champion, The Flatliner. The UWA Dancing Girls will also be in attendance, along with the impressive lighting and pyrotechnics which the fans who attended the Ipswich show will have seen. The UWA booking committee have also been in contact with Jake "The Snake" Roberts. After the beating he suffered from the hands of Phil Powers and Paul Tyrrell, he can't wait to get his hands on them. Although a tag match has been scheduled for the next presentation in Ipswich (July), the former WWF star has said that this is too long to wait. Therefore the UWA booking committee are working on the best possible solution to the situation, which may mean a contest in Sudbury with further stipulations added. Keep checking back to http://www.uwawrestling.co.uk for updates as they happen!"


A combination production of the Waltham Abbey and Chelmsford shows from January are now available on DVD and video. There is also a full report and photos of the recent show in Ipswich. For more information visit



Rumour has it that the WAW Management Committee are considering holding their annual October Outrage event outside of Norwich for the very first time

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but as well as holding the show in Norwich, WAW are also considering other venues not just in Norfolk, but in Suffolk, Essex,

and Cambridgeshire. But I do reiterate that this is just a rumour at the moment,

and nothing has been confirmed.


WAW regretfully announced today that due to unforseen circumstances, the planned show at the Waveney Sports & Leisure Centre in Lowestoft on Saturday, May 29th has had to be postponed. WAW hope to hold a show Lowestoft at a later date. However, WAW are hoping to stage the show they were intending to show at another venue. Keep an eye on the newsboard for any upcoming information on this development. WAW are pleased to announce that they will be returning to the Watton Sports Centre on Sunday, May 30th. This will be WAW's first show in Watton since October 2002. Ticket information can be obtained by telephoning 01953 881281.


All of us at TWO would like to send our best wishes to UWL Promoter and Brawl

manager Honey Rider who was injured in a quad bike accident. Carol Ann Medcalf as she's generally known has cracked ribs and severe bruising. Get well soon Carol!


British Championship Wrestling returns to Kilmarnock Grand Hall on April 29th

and East Kilbride Ballerup Hall on April 30th with the New Beginnings weekend.

Over the Weekend some of the top stars of UK wrestling such as Alex Shane,

Stevie Knight, Aviv Mayan and Tex Benidict.

On Thursday April 29th British Championship Wrestling return to The Kilmarnock

Grand Hall with:

BCW Heavyweight Champion Stevie Knight defending his title against the FWA's

Showstealer Alex Shane.

BCW Cruiserweight Champion Tex Benidict will face off against the returning Red Lightning.

Body Adonis 'thee' Drew Galloway and his manager Charles Boddington vs. Wolfgang

On Friday April 30th British Championship Wrestling return to East Kilbride

Ballerup Hall:

Stevie Knight and 'thee' Drew Galloway will again face off after Drew broke

Stevie's ribs the last time BCW were in East Kilbride

Tex Benidict and Jack Sabbath will meet up after their time limit Draw in


Red Lightning will meet Aviv Mayan and much much more.Keep up to date with the BCW website a http://www.bcwuk.co.uk. All fantastic news for Scotland.


The latest UKPW event is only three weeks away. Friday April 23rd will see

United Kingdom Pro Wrestling return to the Waterside Theatre in Holbury,

Southampton. Several matches will be announced during the course of next week and you can expect an action packed night of professional wrestling.

The event details are as follows:

Date: Friday 23rd April 2004 at The Waterside Theatre, Long Lane, Holbury,

New Forest, Hampshire. SO45. Ticket Prices are Adults - £7.00, Children/OAP -

£6.00 and Ringside - £9.00. Tickets are available on the door or by calling the

Box Office on 023 80 893750 Doors open at 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start.

For more information on UKPW, please visit http://www.ukpw.com.


K-Star presents their next show War Games on the 30th April 2004 at St.

Theresa's social club, Wellington Road, Perry Bar. Tickets cost £7.00 Adult,

£4.50 Children. Doors open 7pm, show starts 7:30pm. Card still to be announced.


GPW have also this week announced details of their next show. It's on April 17th

at Canterbury Hall, Garstang Road, Preston. Doors open 7.00pm show starts

7.30pm.Tickets cost £10 Ringside (adults and kids), £8 Adults, £5 Kids (under

16) and OAPs. Matches booked so far...

Sean Mclean V Joey Hayes

Lee Butler V Damon Leigh

Beatmosh V Adam Fate (hardcore rules)

T J Cain V Demo

Joey Hayes V Heresy

Kris Travis V Scotty Hexx


The next day Sunday 18th April at Monaco Ballroom Wigan (on the A577) see GPWs afternoon show, Doors open 4pm, show 5pm. Tickets: £10 Ringside (adults and kids), £8 Adults, £5 Kids (under 16) and OAPs.

Matches booked so far...

Skull Murphy V Frankie Slone (Hardcore, knock out ONLY decides the winner)

Robbie Brookside V Lee Butler

Klondyke Kate & Jennidee V Lisa Fury & Minx

Joey Hayes V Demo V Sean Mclean v Spud

Damon Leigh V T J Cain

Pain Inc V J C Thunder & El Ligero

*both cards are subject to change*

Both shows will feature the Garageton and be filmed for video production.


Following the huge success of the 3CW Free For All on March 14th 3CW have decided to return to Dormanstown (Redcar) to put on another great show of wrestling on Sunday 18th April. It has been confirmed that hometown boy and current 3CW Trophy holder Lance Thunder will defend his trophy in a Fatal Four Way match against Ice XVII, Adam Brown & Chris Cannon also on the night will be a Junior Heavyweight Gauntlet Match, a Tag Team match, a Battle Royal & more! Tickets will be £2 for Adults and £1 for OAPs/Children (available on the door), Doors for the show open at 6PM, the event will commence approx. 6:30PM. For more info leading up to the event, and full card visit http://www.3cw.co.uk.


wZw's Path To Destruction Tour 2004 continues with a great show lined up as they return to Whitley Bay on the 10th April 2004. Not only do they have the usual wZw stars, but the ex. WWE Intercontinental & European Champion D'Lo Brown, but also confirmed they have a special FWA Academy Tag Team Match booked for the show. The Card so far looks like this:

Full Pack & Stevie Lynn Vs Carbon, Juvenile & Livewire

6 Man Tag Team "CrAzY" Table Match.

Iceman Vs Shady Nattrass - Strong Style Match.

Mark Sloan & Eamon Shrahan Vs Aviv Mayaan & Max Voltage - FWA Academy Tag Team Match.

Dangerous Damon Leigh & Joey Hayes (GPW) Vs The Commonwealth Connection (WZW) -

Tag Team Tournament Match.

Middleman "Lee Butler" Vs Highlander "Colin McKay".

Whitley Bay Wreckin' Crew Vs J & XL "The Nattrass Boys" - Hardcore Scramble Tag Team Match.

D'Lo Brown & Domino Vs General Trent Steel & Spitfire "Tony Warrior" - Tag Team match.

This will all take place at Whitley Bay Residents Club, Off Hill Heads Road,

Behind the Ice Rink and next to Whitley Bay Football Club on Saturday 10th April

2004 (Doors Open at 6.15pm, Show time 7.00pm). Tickets cost £10 Front Row (40 tickets Only), Adults £8.00, Kids/OAP £4.00 and a Family of 4 ticket is only

£22.00. Tickets are available at the venue from Tuesday 23rd March, you can also purchase them online at http://www.wzwuk.com/catalog/default.php or at the Ray Gray Community Centre, Walker on Sunday's between 11am and 5.30pm. For ticket details you can call 07986 431206 (12 - 5pm Only).


United Kingdom Pro Wrestling comes back to London on Wednesday 7th April 2004. Held at the Vi Forrester Hall in Hackney (E5), you will see a full card of

Wrestling action featuring UKPW Superstars such as Ethan 'The Heat' Hayze,

'Wrestling's Cool Kid' Stevie James, Chris Wyld, Romeo Kid, Eamon O'Neil, Rich

'N' Famous and popular tag team - The Green Machine. Tickets are available on the door or can be ordered online by emailing administration@ukpw.com for more details. Tickets cost Adults - £7.00, Children/Senior Citizens - £6.00, Ringside - £9.00. Doors open at 7:00pm with an 7:30pm start time. For more information, visit http://www.UKPW.com.


Don't forget this weekend sees FWAs Crunch weekend. The excellent D'Lo Brown and Sonjay Dutt have been signed for the whole weekend. In Bolton both men have been put in a 3 way dance with our very own Jonny Storm, which should be an awesome match. Dates you can catch the action are: Thursday April 8th at the Morecambe Dome. The Horwich leisure centre in Bolton on Friday the 9th. Before wrapping up their tour at the FWA Crunch 2004 event in Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hertfordshire on Sunday April 11th.


In-between these dates on April 10th again in Bolton sees the FWAs first 'Unsigned' show at the Horwich Leisure Centre. Ten companies around the UK have been approached about appearing so far with a very positive response. The first signed matches and wrestlers sent to us on behalf of their respective companies are:

AIWF (GB) Match

Dirk Feelgood Vs Jonny Phere

FWA Academy Match

Max Voltage Vs Eamon Shrahan

GPW Match

Damon Leigh Vs Joey Hayes

Dropkixx guest match

Darren Burridge Vs Charle Reese

Spud vs Jack Storm (TAP)

WZW Match - Domino Vs Spitfire

FSW (Future shock wrestling School, Manchester) - Mike Bishop Vs X.

The event will also be headlined by Doug Williams vs Sonjay Dutt. Check

http://www.frontierwrestling.com for more details. Tickets are priced at £5 and

admission is half price if you have a ticket from either the Morecambe or Bolton

Crunch tour dates the two days before. FWA fan club members get in free. Tickets are available on the door the day of the show. Or can be purchased on the door which open at 1pm and the show begins at 1.30pm. Don't forget this show will be being video taped for TV.


That's everything for this weeks edition, as ever don't forget to check out Adam

Sibleys latest UK Scene Column. If anyone has any feedback about the UK section of this newsletter please feel free to email Pabster with your thoughts! Thank you for reading.



EWR WWE Corner by Chris2K



Howdy, and welcome to the third installment of the EWR WWE part of the newsletter, with me Chris2K.


Before I get started, can I just add my personal praise to the departed TWOer Ravenmark, aka Scott. The guy truly was a gem of a bloke, and will be very sorely missed. Hopefully he's up there in the sky right now, and if he is, he better be reading my column ;). We'll miss ya buddy.


Right, back to the matter at hand. In the week that TEW was released to the slobbering public, I thought it'd be nice if I did this week's show on TEW. But my trial ran out, so I'm doing it on EWR again. If anyone wants to buy TEW for me, I'll send 20 quid to you on PayPal as soon as I get my account working!


Star ratings, as ever, from Scott Keith of 411mania.com


This week, I'll be analysing SmackDown, complete with John Leyfield and Bob Holly. Lucky me.


<Segment One: Angle announces the Great American Tournament>


Booked As: Interview, Single Worker, Kurt Angle, to Nobody, Self Promotion


Rating: 91%


Well there's no doubt that Kurt is great on the mic, and the rating here proves that. His choice as GM is a good one, as the show will benefit from his great charisma.


<Segment Two: Big Show vs. Rikishi>


Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Show wins cleanly


Crowd: 76%

Match: 74%

Overall: 75%

Stars: **3/4

Real Stars: 1/2*


A squash match on somebody who once was in the WWE Title frame is normally reserved for Scott Steiner, but now Rikishi steps up to the diamond. Still, as one half of a midcard comedy team, he deserves no more. God knows how the match got a 74% rating.


<Segment Three: Bradshaw arrives>


Booked As: Angle, Other, Limo Arrival


Rating: 70%


I think EWR sums it up quite well: Nobody cares. At least the gimmick is almost passable as 'interesting'.


<Segment 4: Los Chavos vs. Rey Mysterio and Spike Dudley>


Booked As: Match, 2vs2, Tag, Spike over Chavito cleanly, Bradshaw attacks everyone


Crowd: 71%

Match: 77%

Overall: 74%

Stars: ***

Real Stars: 3/4*


Call me paranoid, but I'm sure Bradshaw's intervention didn't help the rating here. The match itself could've probably done without Chavo Snr. wrestling...


<Segment 5: Charlie Haas vs. Rob Van Dam>


Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Haas wins by Angle interference


Crowd: 77%

Match: 77%

Overall: 77%

Stars: ***

Real Stars: *1/2


Not really a good a match as it could've been, but then with RVD's complete lack of psychology, it's hardly a surprise. Haas gained overness from the match in the game.


<Segment 6: Angle makes Booker vs. Holly>


Rating: 100%


Well Angle does it again, and is the first person in this column to get a maximum score for a segment. Even mentioning Hardcore Holly's name didn't drag it down.


<Segment 7: Booker T vs. Hardcore Holly>


Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Booker beats Holly by cheating


Crowd: 77%

Match: 77%

Overall: 77%

Stars: ***

Real Stars: **


Miraculously the same score as RVD vs. Haas, but the crowd is probably either down to Booker or it includes useage of the heat machine. Still, at least Booker won.


<Segment 8: The Dudley Boys vs. Kyo Dai>


Booked As: Match, 2vs2, Tag, D-Von wins over Akio


Crowd: 54%

Match: 89%

Overall: 71%

Stars: ***1/4

Real Stars: 1/2*


Quite what Akio and Sakoda are going to do without Tajiri is beyond me, but at least they can wrestle. What happened to the crowd here, I don't know.


(Theodore Long approaches the Dudleys)


<Segment 9: John Cena vs. Nunzio and Stamboli>


Booked As: Match, Handicap, 1vs2, Cena wins cleanly over Nunzio


Crowd: 67%

Match: 80%

Overall: 73%

Stars: ***

Real Stars: 1/4*


A very short match in reality, but EWR gave them the benefit of the doubt to provide a good match. Nunzio probably carried it, and Stamboli probably lowered it.


<Segment 10: Bradshaw/Eddie confrontation>


Booked As: Angle, 1vs1, Run In Failed


Rating: 70%


Seeing Bradshaw's hat being destroyed was an interesting way to end an A show, but at least it's different. Eddie really doesn't deserve to be stuck in this godawful feud though, as can be seen by him losing overness from the segment in the game. Quite bizarre.




So somehow, this SmackDown is just slightly worse than the Raw lottery draft, and better than WrestleMania XX. Of course, it's all down to opinion, and I'll let you keep yours as to whether you agree or not.


That's it for this week, and to all those who have TEW: damn you! ;).



TWO Newsletter Main Event -

"Benoit" by Stephen Ashfield



"Let's not forget where we came from and what we sacrificed to get here. Remember being down in the dungeon with Stu (Hart)? Just how bad we wanted it, how bad we wanted to make a name for ourselves in this business?"


So said Chris Benoit to Chris Jericho in the days they were a tag team ad it sums up the Crippler's career. Way back in 1985 Benoit used to make a 185 mile journey to Stu Hart's dungeon in Calgary as he sweated blood to make it as a professional wrestler. A year later he made his debut for Stampede Wrestling. Benoit was a great fan of the Dynamite Kid, but he shared one major characteristic with the Kid. He wasn't the tallest of guys, not the heaviest either and that wouldn't help his career.


Benoit's career took him all over the world including NJPW where he became Pegasus Kid, constantly being involved in high-flying classics with stars such as Jushin 'Thunder' Liger, El Samaurai and Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero). It was the Tiger who Benoit beat in 1994 to win the Super J Cup. Little did they know then how Wrestlemania XX would end!


After a spell in ECW, Benoit finally made it to WCW. He had plenty of title successes but never the main title, not until Souled Out in 2000 when he beat Sid Vicious to win the WCW World Heavyweight Title. Having climbed the mountain, he soon fell off the top but he wasn't pushed. Vince Russo left WCW, the company was not a happy place to work in and along with Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, 15 days later he found himself sitting at ringside watching Monday Night Raw. Benoit had Vince as his boss now, a new mountain was about to be climbed.


You had the feeling that when Vince saw Benoit, he saw the words IC Title tattooed on his forehead. Benoit was a great wrestler that's never been denied, but too small, too light and pretty unimpressive on the mic. Surely Vince would never let him carry the company, and well he never has.


Years ago the WWF Champ was the man who was the companies figurehead, the franchise. It's not that way now, two men are at the top of the tree come the brand extension. Benoit doesn't rule the roost now he's world Champ, there's Eddie at the top of that mountain as well.


Back to 2000 and after the Radicalz as they were called entered the WWF, Benoit was thrust into the IC picture winning the belt at WM X-Seven. It was Jericho who Benoit would feud with, exchanging the IC title on several occasions and having some great matches including a ladder match at the Rumble.


But in July 2000 Benoit nearly achieved his dream of becoming federation champion. He joined forces with Shane McMahon and headlined Fully Loaded, challenging The Rock for the title. The belt could be won by DQ and that's how Benoit thought he'd won the title, but out comes Commissioner Foley to say there was no DQ, minutes later The Rock had retained his title.


2001 saw more IC Title success, the tag titles with Jericho and a feud with Kurt Angle, the two together were pure dynamite. Remember the feud over those Olympic medals? But then in June disaster struck. Benoit had to have surgery on a blocked nerve in his spine.


He wasn't back in the ring until 2002. He found himself on Smackdown, defecting from Raw with Eddie Guerrero and it was tag titles that beckoned for him, teaming with old enemy Kurt Angle. It was an uneasy partnership to say the least and after Angle won the WWE Title, Benoit was given another chance to reach the top, losing a match of the year contest at the Rumble in 2003 but as great as the match was, Benoit was again left the loser.


As 2003 progressed, Benoit was left wondering just how many more times he'd have to meet A-Train, a title run was light years away. But then the push began, Benoit beat John Cena to get another crack at the title, this time against Lesnar, inevitably he lost. Then at Survivor Series he made Lesnar tap. A feud began with Heyman and another title shot was denied. Come this years Rumble, plus the usual 'I've fought for years to win the title' speeches, it was looking inevitable that Benoit would get a title shot at Wrestlemania. He won the Rumble, then shocked everyone who doesn't read the internet by turning up on Raw to challenge Triple H for the title. Michaels joined the main event and in a stellar match, Benoit finally won the World Heavyweight Title.


So he's at the top of the tree, but will he stay there? Another triple threat is set for Backlash in his hometown of Edmonton. If he retains the belt there, then he can go onto legend status. But will he? I'm not too sure, wait for my preview in The Three Count. I'm still not convinced about Benoit, I don't like this tagging and being friendly with Michaels. What about him being announced as coming from Atlanta? Will that upset the fans in Canada? Is a heel turn on the way setting up a feud with Edge? Who knows! Well Vince does, but he has this habit of not telling me all the details. Benoit is at the top of Raw, not WWE, the mountain has nearly been climbed but can he stay there? One thing is known for sure, it's a lot more interesting than having Triple H as champion, again!





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