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Will Young


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I was just looking at trying to get tickets for my parents.. coz they told me to look on the internet. But they were to late as his tour has totally sold out.


I looked on ebay, and you will be lucky to get your hands on a pair of tickets for less that £200.. i cant believe they are that high in demand. Some guy is selling 3 tickets and the bid is over £400!!!


hope he adds more dates, coz this wud be some nice pocket money i could pick up.


But what do you think about people paying that much for money? Would you ever? I mean, 3 tickets for £400, to see an artist? i would never pay that much even to see my favourite artist.

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People must either be mad or extremely rich to pay that kind of money for a concert. I guess the demand is so high for Will because he is playing smaller venues, rather than an arena tour.


I doubt I would ever pay prices that high. I wanted to see Madonna's tour this year, but her prices were ridiculous too; £150 to £50 per ticket.. and now they're on eBay for £600. I like her, but not that much.

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