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should there be more inter-roster events?


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since wwe stopped having the king of the ring the only time we can watch two wrestlers go at it is at the royal rumble, i for one would like to see about 6 of these events a year and perhaps even a title that is put on the line with the champion from each roster and the two main contenders go at it in a fatal four way or a elimination match. perhaps the wwe could have a survivor series type match with 5 raw and 5 sd stars. what do you think?
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There are two big problems with matches between guys on different shows.


1. If you too many of them, they don't matter. Things like RVD Vs Benoit, Rosey/Jamal Vs Billy/Chuck and the build up of Goldberg Vs Brock late last year seemed a lot more special than usual because it was a big deal to see people on different shows interacting. Making it a regular occurance will devalue each occassion. See Hell In A Cell and Ladder matches for proof. Used once every few years, great stuff. Used twice or three times a year, snooooore.


2. There isn't enough time to build up feuds. Due to the fact that workers are stuck on the one show, unless they do crappy "visits" like Austin and Kane, it's extremely hard to build up a feud. Goldberg Vs Brock developed over months and months, but they only had about 3 face to face meetings before their match. And if you're suggesting that it happens every few months, then we'd see nothing but guys cutting promos on what they'll do to a person for 4 weeks before the match at the PPV.


As it stands, the split makes things like the Rumble and the occassional match between guys on different shows a whole lot more special. I don't want to go back to the whole "end the split!" debate, because since day 1 it's had it's critics, and since day 1 I've been asking for a logical reason to end the split. I've yet to hear one, and I wish that people would either give a good reason for why they want one big roster, or shut up about it.

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