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Quick results from wZw Nu Breed (4th April)


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Anderson (w) Vs Stevie Knight

A cocky Stevie Knight, batter and bruised young AJ Anderson, but did not see that AJ had a little extra in his tank, AJ Picked up the pin after rolling up Stevie Knight, when Stevie was being cocky....


Stevie Lynn & Livewire Vs Los Pervitos (Tim Strange & Mojo)(w)

With John Britain out of action Tim seems to found a new tag team partner in Mojo, and have formed the tag team called Los Pervitos. A mixture of comedy and speed in this match up, Stevie Lynn and Livewire tried to wrestle a fair match but the Los Pervitos Cheated their way to victory...


Mini Rumble - Winner - The Jodis

Several of our younger trainees were invited to take part in a mini rumble, all was going well until the crazed jodis came into the ring and started throwing people out of the ring. Jodis took the win after sending Lee Halton crashing to the mat....


Full Pack (Micky L and Iain Robinson) (w) Vs J & XL The Nattrass Boys

Full Pack are the real fan favourites now a days especially on the Nu Breed Academy Exhibitions. The Nattrass Boys with their no nonsense approach to wrestling tried to power the opponents down with a series of stiff moves and blows, Micky L taking a severe beating. Iain took the pin after hitting a high hangtime moonsault.


Shady Nattrass Vs Juvenile(w)

This match should have been a walk in the park for Shady, as it was soon evident that this was Shady's warm up to the strong style match he has next week with Iceman. Juvenile prove he was no walk in the park happily exchanged the hardest of blows and battled back from the most powerful of moves.


Domino Vs Spitfire(w)

A prelude to the TV taping next week, Spitfire was a little cautious on entering this match, as Domino is what can only be described as a monster, his arms are the size of spitfires legs, and with the new look haircut and facial hair its easy to see why spitfire was wary. A technical masterclass of match with some old school ring psychology to boot, Domino had the upper hand until General Trent Steel ran to the ring a distracted the ref, allowing Spitfire to grab Domino's heavy weight belt and hit him in the head with it. As if this was not bad enough spitfire held the pin by using his feet on the ropes.. Domino grabbed the Microphone after the bout and told GTS and Spitfire that if they wanted to tag up, then they could next week, Domino announced his tag team partner as former WWF/E European/Intercontinental Champion D'Lo Brown....


A pretty good exhibition of professional wrestling, once again highlighting the trainees capacity of working the crowd. Around 130 people were present at the event.


wZw Nu Breed Academy is the way forward.....

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