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TWO Easter Poker!


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That's right folks, I'm planning an Easter Texas Hold'em Tournament of some sorts. Basically I 8-10 people for a Poker Tournament Game. (For Play Money of course), just for a laugh. Then we can decide the poker program to use :)


Do you like poker?


Do you play poker?


I am a poker?


Feedback here plz


(Offer is serious)

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I can and will hand you all a sound drubbing if this can be done tomorrow night or Tuesday after 11pm, but if that's no good then I'm no good until Wednesday week, so see how many other people are involved and if you can get something together to go ahead without me. If you're still in need of people and want to give me a shout then go ahead, only problem is that for hours for me between about 5:15 and 11pm isn't any good.


I imagine you'll get enough people anyway, so I'll just go in the huff at missing out on it.

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