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Millwall Vs Sunderland

Dickie Hyde

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Well the FA cup semi-final, and Millwall are through with a 1-0 victory in what could be named a "fairytale" type story. As a Millwall supporter I'm extremely happy and cannot believe it! I thought it was a good game though, with plenty of chances for both sides. Glad we hung on :) Top many Wisey :xyx


What did you all make of this one?

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I'm still shocked that Millwall are in Europe!!!


Although I am pleased for them as they haven't made a cup final before have they??




And nope, we have not. If we come out getting trashed by Man U, it really doesn't matter. The Sunderland game was the real cup final for us, and we've won it. We're in Europe, that's it :xyx


Man U aren't on top form at the moment, if we play well and have luck on our side and come out of there with a win, well, that will be the icing on the cake :)

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well done.. i only caught the last 20 mins.. sunderland seemed abit dirty.. and my dad said they were committing bad tackles throughout.


Yes they were, but that doesn't matter, we're in europe!!!


The best part of the match had to be where a stretcher was brought on for Dennis Wise and he gently touched (half slapped) the guys face and sent it away lol...

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