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Fantasy Trades/Signings


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If you could trade or sign 6 wrestlers and 2 non wrestlers for WWE who would it be.

Mine would be:


:Randy Orton to SD!

:Kane to SD!

:Ken Shamrock to Raw

:AJ Styles to SD!

:Chris Jericho to SD!

:Hulk Hogan to Raw




:Stephanie McMahon to SD

:Shane McMahon to Raw

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Presuming this would happen after the UK tour of defiance I would do the following:



Kane to SD

Jericho to SD

Benoit to SD

Taker to RAW

Hogan to RAW

Haas to RAW



Stephanie McMahon to RAW (Go with Evolution and back with Tripps)

Shane McMahon to RAW

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Taker to Raw

Benjamin to SD

Cena to Raw

Show to Raw

Rico to SD

Conway to SD


Shane McMahon to Raw

Hayman to SD


I know it leaves SD pretty thin but IMo it has been that way for a long time. Stars like Taker, Cena and Guererro are all that is holding it up.

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