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Hi wrestling fans,


This is Joebroni, the real Joebroni. Some people were posing as me on the chatroom so I decided to take some time off, but now I'm back!


Wrestling questions for all of you great wrestling feaks out there:


1) What is your favorite wrestling website?


2) Do you ever buy stuff from their store like their site's merchandise?


3) What wrestling memoribillia do all of you guys buy ie: wrestling figures, posters, t-shirts etc...


4) What do you like in a website and what kind of information do all of you seek?


Thanks for responding



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Fave site: This one. (So far...lol)

Buy stuff from site: I dont usually buy stuff from any wrestling site. (I constantly skint.)

Memoribillia: Definatley wrestling action figures. (The new Kane figure looks awsome!!!!)


Why do u ask joebroni? u gonna start up a web store? Or just quizzin???

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1. Here for forums, wwe.com on Sundays aswell as backstagewrestling.com. And euroshop for t-shirts.


2. Yes, at euroshop all of the time.


3. T-shirts, posters, replica belts, novelty notes, trading cards, DVD's, books and anything else in general really.


4. One so that us UK fans don't get spoilers dished out to us before RAW or Smackdown. One that provides downloadable media of good quality. One that has insight information and exclusive or cheap products up for sale.

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