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CAN WWE book?


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Best Example:


Kane is unmasked. He goes on a rampage, attacking RVD, Eric Bischoff and Linda McMahon. Shane McMahon comes to the rescue, and by attacking Kane and overpowering him, he automatically makes himself look good, and RVD look like a pussy.


Kane squashes RVD at SummerSlam, and at Unforgiven he faces Shane. Shane dominates most of the match, and only loses because he misses a dive from the stage.


The entire feud made the Kane, the monster heel, look like a bumbling idiot, and Shane McMahon, a non-wrestler who wrestles about three months every two years look like a superstar. I won't mention the limo crash, Kane emerging from a raging inferno with a bandage on his arm, Kane attaching a jump lead to Shane's genitals, or any of the other crap that went on.


There are far too many other examples that I could mention, but that storyline is the best booking wise. Idea-wise you have stuff like necrophilia, the incest storyline, the 5 month feud between Test and Scott Steiner before they then started teaming, HHH dominating the World Title scene for 20 months....


The list goes on and on.

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The last 3 years are the best example of poor booking.


To be fair they have improved greatly in some areas recently, mainly no longer feeling the need to place protecting the established workers like HHH and Taker ahead of actually giving someone that final push to the top, altough still early days Benoit and Eddie are the best example of that.

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hey there, sorry I didnt notice this thread, I've already posted a booking thread of my own.

With the latest installment of RAW I am now starting to believe that WWE can actually book good matches. The final match of last nights RAW was Shelton benjamin VS Triple H, and in my opinion it was one of the best matches I've seen in a long time. Shelton beat Triple H in a match that has to go down as one of the best of the year so far. I only hope we see more of Shelton VS somemore top level guys.

Can WWE book??? Benoit as champ. Eddie as champ. and now shelton over Triple H. Maybe they've finally got it right.

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