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Well, I just spent the last 4 hours trying to access the order page online and it was all for nothing. It seems that you can't use Electron Debit cards when ordering, only switch, delta and solo. Why I have no idea. If someone could enlighten me as to why I would be eternally grateful. I assume its something to do with security. Looks like i'll be watching it on the TV. No atmosphere, no festival hijinx but I suppose I wont have to queue to go to the bogs.


Bitterness out of the way, what does everyone think of this years lineup? Oasis, Paul McCartney and Muse headlining. Personally I think the promoters really pulled it out of the bag this year. It really doesnt get any better than Paul McCartney as far as im concerned. With the Beatles and Oasis' repetoire at their disposal it will clearly be the singalong event of the summer. I'm sure Reading goers will have fun listening to The Darkness and 50 Cent, and I'm sure they will have fun bouncing up and down to 'In Da Club' but Glastonbury is out of its league with those three acts alone as fra as I'm concerned.


Also, has anyone been before? I'd like to hear everyones glastonbury tales and if you enjoyed it feel free to rub it in my Barclays Electron card owning, extremely bitter face.

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Hey there,

Why not check the website again and see if you can get a phone number from which to order tickets that way? I'm sure there must be more than one way of getting tickets. Failing that, you could just keep trying to get tickets on Ebay, where you won't be restricted by what type of card you have. It's worth a go and with that, the sooner you get in on bids for those things the cheaper they are likely to be, as ticket prices always go up nearer to the event to which they are related.


As for the event itself, the organisers seem to have some pretty big acts to headline as you would expect. I'm not really a fan of the type of acts on show at Glastonbury nor the Leeds/Reading festivals, but in comparing the two festivals Glastonbury seems to have alot more clout behind its headlining acts than Leeds/Reading.


I'm not saying any of those acts are better than the others but there seems to be a lot more logic behind the way Glastonbury are promoting their festival. If you have older, more established acts as headliners, newer acts are nearly always prepared to play below them. If however an act with only one, two or three albums is given a headlining slot then logic dictates that more experienced bands and solo artists won't want to play beneath bands without established clout as box office draws for festivals. The proof of that seems to be this year's Download festival at Donington, where Metallica headline one day and Linkin Park the other. The more established heavier/metal acts are scheduled to play on the same day as Metallica, while with the exception of Iggy And The Stooges, the more established acts aren't playing on the day headlined by Linkin Park. I know the two days are supposed to have very different styles, but that's just an example.


I'm not knocking the Leeds/Reading festival by any means. I just think that it looks like Glastonbury is better positioned to outmatch Leeds/Reading to getting the better support acts, while Leeds/Reading could struggle to attract many more decent acts to support what they already have. Still, who knows what could happen? With any luck all of the festivals will have great line-ups for their target audiences and I'll have been talking out of my rear end again, as per usual. :)

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I went to glastonbury in 2000 for my 21st birthday, spent the entire weekend off my face on somerset cider, the stuff with the lumpy bits in (and no, it wasn't vomit). I had a fab time, but be warned - you will hear bongos in your head for about a week afterwards. There's never a quiet moment, and there's always some hippy playing a set of bongos somewhere within earshot. the only bad point was it was the start of the hayfever season and it really caught me out - I compensated by drinking lotsa cider.
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